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Dr. Purushothaman
August 6, 2014

Dr Hew Len is famous for using the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono, the Hawaiian system that heals oneself and the world around you, to heal a group of mentally ill patients who had committed serious crimes like rape and murder. Dr Hew Len had not spent hours counselling his patients, far from it, he had read their files and as he learned their stories he contemplated, through use of the Ho'oponopono, what in him could have contributed to the patient reacting in the way they had to the world. In the Ho'oponopono you simply repeat, with feeling, these statements: Please forgive me, I am sorry, Thank you, I love you. It is quite hard to say these statements to someone when they have done hateful things, but it is a complete act of love, compassion and the purest energy to do so.
The process is beautiful and provides wonderful benefits. When you say those phrases with feeling you can feel the gentle energy rising within you, it is very uplifting. People say it to the Universe, to God, or to an individual they have in mind. It can heal rifts between people and provide the loving forgiveness that benefits everyone. You don't have to say it directly to the person you have in mind, just to focus on them and to say it. You might well address it to someone who has passed into the spirit world and there was unresolved conflict between you.
One of the relationships that Dr Hew Len suggests that we should each nurture and if necessary heal, is the relationship between ourselves and our inner child. Dr Hew Len says: This is the most important relationship in creation, more important than any physical relationship you have
The relationship that Dr Hew Len is describing is the relationship between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part of your mind that you are aware of as you read this, but most of our actions and beliefs are governed by our subconscious mind that holds all of our memories and all of the conclusions we have arrived at in life in response to long forgotten events and incidents.
Many of the incidents that shaped us and provided our terms of reference for how to live in the world happened to us as very young children. A child's mind in its early years is like a sponge, soaking up information and making sense of the world, but sometimes a very young child will learn something in this way that is totally incorrect. For example, in the UK a house spider is a harmless animal. However, if as a young child you witnessed someone acting with fear and terror at the sight of a spider your childish mind might conclude that spiders must be very dangerous indeed and that they must be a real threat. The mind works my linking things together, so a dramatic incident like this could easily link in the mind spider and danger. We tend to forget the incident, but the link remains in the subconscious, this can result in an adult with an irrational fear or phobia about spiders.
So you can see why Dr Hew Len suggests that we imagine our subconscious mind as our inner child, the innocent young child that we were when we were first making sense of the world. He suggests that you imagine yourself as a child, perhaps just as you were at the age of about 7. Perhaps there is a photograph of you at this age that you can call to mind? The relationship Dr Hew Len suggests that you develop with your inner child is that of you being a loving parent to this child. You can start this relationship by imagining this inner child, this young vulnerable version of you and you say the phrases of the Ho'oponopono to this child: Please forgive me, you must have been frightened or startled as a child , I am sorry that you had this experience, thank you for everything you have done for me to keep me safe all of these years, I love you.
Over the weekend of April 18, 2009, at the Zero Limits III seminar in Austin, Texas, Dr. Hew Len taught what he referred to as The Inner Child Meditation€. That meditation has become what Dr Joe Vitale believes to be the single most powerful healing tool he has ever used. He found it to be the secret to releasing the negative emotions and blocks that keep us from our own abundance.
Dr Joe Vitale has worked extensively with Dr Hew Len, the Zero Limits event was a joint endeavour. Joe Vitale has used the Ho'oponopono as part of a daily meditation for years and he has put together an inner child meditation on CD, which anyone can use to create this nurturing relationship with their deepest self, their inner child.
There's nothing else I can say that will accurately describe how this will affect you. You need to experience it for yourself, it's a small investment but it is a life-changing experience.
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Take the next step, order The Inner Child Meditation, your Inner Child is waiting for you and you have a lot of catching up to do.
Go here to see a short clip of Dr Hew Len taking a group of people through the Inner Child meditation then scroll down to read what Joe Vitale has to say about this powerfully beautiful meditation.

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