Industrial Maintenance Careers

Dr. Purushothaman
December 3, 2013


Are you interested in a career in industrial maintenance? If you're the right person for these types of jobs, you'll probably have no trouble finding work as there are many tasks that need to be performed in the world of work. If you are a problem solver, love to work with your hands, are mechanically inclined and have always been intrigued with machinery, this may be the career field to utilize your talents.

Workers who choose this employment path are drawn to figuring out how things work and how to fix them when they break down. The classifications for skills required can be divided into five parts including welding, electrical, mechanical, automotive and general prevention tactics. Individuals who train for this job take courses and obtain experience in a variety of ways. Here are some things to think about:

- What a worker may need to do during his daily rounds: There are lots of hands-on repair tasks that must be performed. This may be in a manufacturing plant, factory, or in a segment of the automotive industry. Techs are intimately involved in safety, maintenance and installations of all types of machines. Reading plans and performing mathematical equations will also be required in most of these positions.

- Training possibilities: There are multiple training possibilities for the different types of jobs. An individual can get a two year Associate's Degree in Industrial Maintenance. He or she can also obtain a one year certificate in specific areas such as hydraulics, welding, automotive mechanics, power plant maintenance, surface or underground mechanics. He or she can get on-the-job training or learn about various aspects if enlisted in a branch of the military.

- Aptitudes and Abilities: Individuals should be adept at working with their hands, reading blueprints, mathematics, be handy with tools, be great problem solvers, be able to follow directions and communicate effectively with others as well as being physically strong. Since an individual will be lifting lots of heavy items, being in good physical shape and able to tote heavy poundage will be a must. If a person is planning this type of career, it would be wise to begin weight training, doing pushups or starting on a fitness regimen to build upper body strength.

- Classes to be taken: An array of stimulating classes would be taken in order to become degreed or certified. Some examples include those in blueprint reading, computer technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, motors and controls, machine installation and maintenance, industrial controllers and the programming of them.

For individuals who are interested in industrial maintenance and who have a natural aptitude at mechanics and math, this field could be a great career choice. There are always going to be machines in every industry that need to be maintained, repaired and installed. If a person thinks he or she is the right person for the job, obtaining the proper training can start him or her on the path.

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