India's Political & Economic Changes

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

In this time of great competitions India is moving to the top positions in the World powers.After the latest election a new Government Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into existence. From that day there are lots of discussions are happening about the future of India.
According to the guesses experts are saying that India is in the state of progress with the help of the new Government. There are various packages are announced to the common people and this new change in the system will help to get more development in all regions.

Indian Economy is a major factor in this development. There are various ideas are coming into the market as well as economical to get the best results. Top economists are marking the best opinions about the future of Indian economy. With that the rise in the share market values on last days are giving new expectations of the market.

The new government is giving more priority to the development, financial security, food safety and related ideas. There are more talks and discussions are happening in the authorities and which will become new supports to the all functioning ideas.

More and more suggestions as well as opinions are coming about the development of India. Political experts are also giving the same opinions as the economists. According to the huge success in the last election won by the BJP is showing the complete change in the Indian politics. Due to that the responsibility of the party as well as the Government is increasing more. So every decision will took after proper understanding and related ideas.

Other world powers like USA, Russia, China and others are welcoming the Prime Minster Narendra Modi and government to associate in all development activities. More and more functioning aspects are also happening in the rural development, education and related fields. These new ideas will help to create a new India in all manner.
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