How Well Do You Receive Criticism From Others? Why Do People Fear Real Feedback

Dr. Purushothaman
November 19, 2023

No matter how hard you work or how much effort you put in work, there would be someone who will come up with criticism. Such moments can be the toughest time of your life. Hearing negative things about yourself can get very awkward and it might break your confidence level too. Criticism is mostly taken into negative light and the person making the criticism faces the dislike of the person hearing it.

Human beings are fragile in nature. Small things can make them happy and small things can turn them sad. Criticism is one aspect that always makes people sad. It does not matter in what light it is being done, it just makes humans sad. The professional world is one place where people face criticism in day to day life. It is like a routine there. Sometimes it is because of genuine reasons and sometimes due to other reasons. Criticism in professional life can have a severe effect on the human brain because your brain views criticism as a threat to your survival.

The most unique thing about criticism is that we do not remember it accurately. We as humans find it hard to learn about our shortcomings from others. What makes things worse is not only that we remember the criticism wrongly but we never forget about it. The person pointing out our shortcomings falls into the bad books and is always looked upon as an enemy.

Most people fear honest feedback and evaluation because of the fear that it will put them down. Humans fear that the people in the surrounding will laugh at them and make fun of their shortcomings. Even when you have a shortcoming and if someone points it out, it directly hurts your ego. Criticism can have a severe mental effect. This is because when someone points your shortcomings correctly, you feel you are under prepared and start under estimating yourself. You start considering yourself as inferior to others which should not be the case.

The most difficult situation arises when even constructive feedback to people starts harming them. Correct feedback is never meant to harm or criticise someone but it is for their improvement. Even then people take such feedback in a negative light. They do not think whether it is for their betterment or good, they just take any criticism in the wrong light. What is stopping them from accepting even constructive feedback is their head.

A human being can show development only after knowing his flaws and strengths. If there is no one to tell him about what he lacks, he cannot improve his skills. Criticism sometimes is very important and should be taken in a good spirit. Criticism should be taken as a wakeup call that will help them in becoming a better person. If at any point in life, you need any assistance regarding improving your acceptance towards criticism or get over depression due to criticism, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors.

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