How Weak Cognitive Skills Cause Learning Disabilities

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Odds are good that you know someone who is affected by a learning disability. There are many individuals that suffer from learning disabilities in many different ways, from dyslexia and dyscalculia to auditory and visual processing disorders. But, did you know that weak cognitive skills can cause learning disabilities?

Most people know that learning disabilities can be caused by genetic limits or poor and inadequate teaching. What most people do not know is that weak cognitive skills are widely involved in learning disabilities. They impact learning and brain fitness heavily because there are many processes going on when an individual is reading and trying to understand what they read.

The entire learning process can be thrown off course if an individual has a weakness in just one process. Reading involves the process of visual images, letters and words, while at the same time the process of recalling and associating those images with correct sounds. Next, you must make mental associations between those sounds to make the words they are associated with. Finally, you must comprehend what that word means and how to apply it to what you are reading.

When you think of reading like that, it can be easy to see just how one weak cognitive skill could make the whole process of learning difficult. Everything has to work perfectly or nothing will work how it is supposed to.

The good news about weak cognitive skills is that it is able to be tested and trained to strengthen the skill. If you believe you or someone you know suffers from weak cognitive skills it is important to be tested to uncover the specific skill weakness. Once tested, you will receive customized training to strengthen the weaknesses. There are testing centers across the nation you can visit.

Weak cognitive skills can have a negative effect on your life when there is no reason to suffer from it. The testing and customized training can remove or greatly improve a learning disability which can change your life. Remove the suffering and give yourself the best chance to learn at your highest capacity by being tested today.

Both genetics and poor and inadequate education can cause learning disabilities, but remember that weak cognitive skills play a huge role. Many learning disabilities are either worsen or entirely caused by weak cognitive skills, so be on the lookout and address any weakness that you may see because improvement could be just around the corner.

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