How to Use Alert ID Medical Profiles and ID Cards

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

At Alert ID Group we specialise in providing visible ID products for both people and property, with the added protection of having a 24/7 Emergency Support Team at the end of the phone to assist in any emergency situation. Now the team has been working on a way to provide a way of identifying yourself, whether you have purchased any of the ID tags or not.
When you sign up to any of the Alert ID Group brands (Cram-Alert, BEIDS, Ride-Alert or Alert ID) you will be asked to fill in detailed information about yourself including medical information and medication, next of kin contacts and a crisis plan to be carried out in emergencies. All of this information could prove vital if you are involved in an accident, especially if you suffer from existing medical problems. This information can be used by the Emergency Support Team to help paramedics and other members of medical staff ensure that they give you the best and most appropriate treatment.
All of this information is compiled into a personal medical profile that can be viewed as a PDF file and printed or emailed to anyone who might require your information such as teachers, sports club leaders or riding instructors. Along with your profile you can also print an ID card which can be found with your profile. This card is linked to your personal profile and has a unique ID number that can be used by the Emergency Support Team to identify you and relay your information. The team will also call each of your emergency contacts until they get through to someone to explain what has happened to you.
Every Alert ID registration covers the whole family so every member of the household can be protected by the service. Each member of the family can create their own personal profile and use the same print at home facilities.
You can print multiple copies of your profile and ID card to carry with you in your bag, coat or car to ensure that you can be identified wherever you are. The ID card is a handy credit card size so can be carried in your purse or wallet.
Obviously we can’t prevent an accident happening, but with registration priced at just £15 per year, it is a small price to pay to know that your nearest and dearest will receive the best treatment if they are involved in an emergency situation and that you will be informed as soon as possible.

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