How to Pray

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

Learning how to pray sounds simple but can be quite difficult for a number of people. Believe it or not most people who believe in GOD feel like they do not know how to talk to him. There really is no right way to pray, since a prayer is just a conversation with GOD. So to start off the conversation you must first get his attention. To do this, just say "GOD" and then being talking. At this point there is nothing you can't talk about. Talking to GOD daily will help you build a relationship with him and will help you feel more and more comfortable. It is like having a best friend, if you do not talk to your friend for months or years at a time your relationship beginnings to fade. When you and your friend met up again, you have to update them with all the things that are going on in your life.

A growing phenomenon that is happening across the internet is that people are praying online. A site called GODPleaseHearMe allows you to document your prayers online so that you can see and keep track of your history and dialog that you have with GOD. Having an online journal that shows your conversations you have with GOD is amazing. GODPleaseHearMe also allows other people to hear your prayers and pray with you. Having the ability to have the entire world pray for you through your struggles is like having the biggest megaphone possible blasting into the heavens saying HELP.

I know that sounds pretty cool. And it is not always about getting people to pray for you, you can pray for them. What goes out always come back so good karma will definitely be in your favor when you start praying for others. Creating your own little prayer circles online is amazing and I suggest to everyone who is going through struggles or knows someone that is to give it a try since group prayer is a good way to receive results faster. People who pray in groups weave their spiritual power together to accomplish goals always see better results. That is why people pray together before they eat, before a football game, or at a church. There is power that a group of people can tap into that just one person can't not. Would you push a car up the hill by yourself or you would you want help? So why wouldn't you want help when it comes to pushing life's challenges out of your way. Everyone who faith knows the power of group prayer and what it can do them in their life. Now you can tap into power any time you need it at GODPleaseHearMe.
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