How to Pray Using the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014

Many people have been asking where prayer fits in with the law of attraction. If anything prayer is an extremely effective tool. It is the source of the creative power from which the attraction process flows. The problem is that too few people know the true mystical power of prayer or how to employ its most magical power to get anything they desire.

You can use prayer to completely alter your impoverished state and begin to attract large amounts of money in droves, allowing you to do all the things you desire. As long as you understand what prayer really is you can use it in incredibly magical ways.

1)Right Prayer is really a tool to raise you up out of your present condition of stress, fear, and poverty and take you into a divine place with God, where all things are perfect.

2)As you enter into the realm of prayer you are entering a clear, heavenly and divine space. This is the beginning of any attraction process. It is in that space you can redesign the conditions you want and allow the attraction process to flow.

3)Right prayer adds an increased spiritual power to what you desire. Your desires are multiplied when certain prayer techniques are used, bringing into existence what you desire faster. There is an entire science to prayer and many ancient techniques that unleash a super spiritual essence to attract in ways where you may previously have failed.

With rightful prayer you can get the results you are looking for with very efficient results. Few people ever thing of using prayer to do simply things such a pay the bills, get money to enjoy a nicer home or to live out their dreams. As you learn to use prayer correctly you unleash an incredible spiritual essence that makes you attract all the necessities faster.
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There is a secret to combining prayer with the law of attraction to create a magical combination.
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