How To Lead A Stress Free Life ?

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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Every human being , whether it be a small child or an adult, faces STRESS in one way or the other. Stress is used in general when too much of pressure comes upon us and when we face a challenge which is a threat us. Minor stress can be of great help to us, for it helps  us in doing our duty with more care and seriousness. But when stress comes to a point where we cannot handle, serious physical as well as mental problems.What happens when we are in stress.. 
Stress often challenges us to respond in different ways. Most of the time stress often makes your mind react in such a way that your body is affected very badly. If in a situation, you need to get out of the tensed situation, we need an extra force . This extra force actually solves most of the problems for that particular tensed situation.Stress may be the direct or indirect reason for accidents, suicide, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, violence, anger, headache , back pain, tension in family, alcoholism and  mental illness. If untreated, stress can also lead to death.
When we are in a stressed situation, our body produces a lot of adrenalin, cortisol and  noradrenaline, thus  resulting in alertness, high heart beat, and increased sweating. Body functions such as food digestion slows down, we experience muscle tension,  the immunity systems also slows down  and stress can also lead to  lack of sleep.Most of the people handle stress in a negative manner and end up destroying their health and blissful life. It is  very important for every person to learn methods of decreasing stress.

Financial problems, family problems, Relationship problems-either extra-marital affairs or divorce, Stress in job or unemployment or a fear of losing job, all can cause stress in your life. Some people live their whole life under stress and pressure due to fear of doing things…it might be due to the fear developed when hearing a murder report or a theft report .

Many feel stressed, trying to satisfy others. These people try to please others not by saying no, and end up doing the whole lot of unpleasant jobs.Handling Stress..

Stress can be handled if the person takes initiative in controlling the reasons for stress.
Regular exercise can be of great help to cut short your stress. Make it a point to do your exercise without any fail.
Meditation too helps to calm your mind and give it a fresh feel.

Prayer is another factor which prevents a person from negative thoughts and a strong feeling that the Almighty is always there for you and he shall handle all the tough times you are going through, relaxes the mind a lot. Deep faith in God is the factor which helps some to oar their way  through many difficult situations.
Learn to say “NO” when needed.
Say “NO” to Drugs and Alcohol.
Cut short your consumption of coffee, as  the caffeine content is unhealthy.
Eat good and nutritious food. A good balanced diet helps you to maintain your physical as well as mental health.
Make it a point to use your free time in doing your favorite hobbies.
Learn to relax .
Listen to music. Music is a universal - healer. It is essential for every human to develop interest in music, as it gives a soothing effect to the mind and leads us to relaxation.

Learn the better breathing techniques to heighten your spirits. If in a tensed situation, try breathing in and out for ten minutes, and you can find yourself starting to relax.
It is a good habit to be a good listener. But when it comes to the point of relaxing our mind, we need to talk. Always have a good relation with your mother or father. Some find relieved while talking to their sisters or brothers. It is a natural tendency that whenever you are in deep pain, you feel like listening to the voice of your loved ones. A good listener can console your mind and lessen your stress and worries.
If in case, you are not able to control your stress after following these techniques, try to get the advice of a good doctor. Medication, for an extent can help you in controlling stress and tension. Make it a point to seek the advice of a very experienced physician or a good counselor.
Today, there are a lot of books which can guide you in managing your stress.
Going for a Spa or a beauty treatment can also help you in diminishing your stress.

It is interesting to know that some mothers, when in stress, are able to relax when they help their kids in their studies. Some women love to cook when they are stressed. The point is, try to do what you like the most, when you are in stress.

Keep your surroundings neat and tidy. A clean and neat atmosphere is more pleasant than a room filled with junk. Untidy rooms can irritate you and increase stress. Organize your working space. Eliminate what is unwanted.
Change your regular space. Avoid sitting in the same spot the whole day. Arrange your furniture at least once in two months. This can create a new energy in you.
Spend your free time with your kids and loved ones.

Try visiting elders once in a month.

Listen to the problems of others. From this we learn that we are not the ones who suffer. Listening to others might bring forth the truth that there are people who suffer more than you.
Tips from successful people and how they made themselves out of their bad times, will be of great help and encouragement to you. Most people like to tell about their success story. But make it a point to ask them how they started. How they faced their problems, and what helped them.
Avoid going for a drive while in tension.
Be an early bird. Reach anywhere before ten minutes. This can relax you a lot. Being late often messes you up totally.
Never control others or never let others control you.
Avoid multi-tasking . Do one duty at a time. Multi-tasking can lead to a lot of stress.
Avoid working in front of the television. This can slow down your work speed.
Avoid unnecessary talks with difficult people, as their unnecessary opinions and arguments can drown you. Be a silent listener while dealing with these kind of people.
Try to help others .This can reduce stress.
Enjoy your meal and your favorite music.
Always think of the good and positive things in your life while in stress. The thought of what you have makes you feel great other than thinking of the things which you do not have in your life.
Every one has to face his /her problems alone. Even if you are surrounded by a thousand helping hands, ultimately, you are the one to solve your problems. Life is not a piece of cake to sit back and enjoy. We have to go through one or the other problem daily. So enjoy stress and take it positively.
Believe that “Every stress has a happy ending."

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