How To Lead A Relaxed Active Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Depression is a state, where people quit doing things which they love to do the most. Similar thing happens when they are extremely anxious. Thinking process drops down and there will be a stage when people start thinking why they are leading a meaningless and dull life. We must hence learn to activate ourselves, without giving much stress to our mind or body.

Following certain steps can help you to activate yourself in a relaxed manner. These steps can help you to gain a more active and positive lifestyle at the earliest.

Point out your goals to be achieved in life. Some of them may be long- term goals while others, short-term. Some may be having an end while others are never ending.

Make it a point to recognize the activities which you can complete in a short period of time…maybe a day, a week or a month. In short, set your goals ready. Give it a time. Try to complete it within that time limit.

Write down or print down your goals to be completed on a piece of paper and stick it on the table as a reminder. This helps you to be energetic while you are down.

View the progress of your effort every day.
On completion of the particular goal, mark it.

Do one job at a time. When you are eating, eat well. Let not that process be hindered with a television report or a book near your plate. Concentrate on one thing. Finish it then begin the next one.

Rushing is not the answer. Never do a task in a hurry. There are chances of making mistakes when you rush.
Stay at peace while working. It can even be cleaning your wardrobe. Never let your mind think that you have hundred other jobs to be done, and what the hell am I doing here. Finish it off calmly and then step on to the next one.
Complete your work sincerely.

Think for a moment that life is precious and you have only one chance to travel it. Today’s moment will be tomorrow’s memory. So learn to enjoy every moment, good or bad.
Never blame yourself for past failures. Always look forward for something better.
Have a clear ambition in life. Dream it. And dream it BIG.
Do not pressurize yourself with loads of work.

Give space between two works. If you schedule works together, then you might get tensed or bored and your second job might not get your full attention. You may not be able to complete the work with perfection. You can get out of your working space and have a short tea-break or have a friendly talk with others, or ring your spouse… that can develop a better relationship too.

Plan a day in such a way that you designate time for certain duties. This helps you to do a duty regularly without any excuses.
Allot time for regular exercise.

Talk in a calm manner. Smile and be pleasant to others.

Cook your food and clean your house. These two duties must be done regularly. Never allow others to do your household duties, or never allow yourself to buy a plate of burger for your homemade delights.

Discard what is unnecessary. It includes even unnecessary thoughts.

Never stick to the same process of approaching any work. You can add spice to any routine work by making yourself feel fresh and energetic by placing a bunch of sweet smelling flowers in your room or by playing softly your favorite music.

Your attitude towards your life should be changed

Never listen to people who unnecessarily criticize you.

Healthy criticism can be encouraged, as it allows you to develop yourself.

A lot of stress and anxiety is the end result of an unfinished project or task.

Never lose an opportunity to educate yourself. When you learn new things, your anxiety and fear towards life vanishes. Educating yourself also helps you in your work.

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