How To Keep Your Teeth Shiny & Healthy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2021

Whenever a person smiles, their teeth are the first thing that comes into view. Teeth are the strongest substance in the human body. White enamel that covers the teeth is stronger than a human bone. Teeth enamel is made up of calcium. An adult human has 32 teeth in their mouth. Different types of teeth present in the human mouth are incisors (8), canine (4), pre-molars (8), and molars (8). Four other wisdom teeth form around the age of eighteen years.

The teeth in the mouth are supported by gums and jawline. Gums itself holds the teeth in their place. The function of incisors is to cut food. Canine's main function is to tear the food and provide shape to the mouth. Canine is said to have the longest root of any tooth in the mouth. Pre-molars are used for crushing the food, and molars are used for grinding the food particles into smaller pieces and help the tongue to mix it with saliva in the mouth. Molars are the largest tooth in the human mouth. The function performed by teeth helps in transforming the food into very small particles so that they could be digested and absorbed by the stomach and small intestine in the digestive process.

Teeth and Hygiene

Teeth require a good cleaning and hygiene practice. It is necessary to brush the teeth two times a day. Oral hygiene is the most important factor for having good shiny and lustrous teeth. Other organs and tissues of the human body can repair themselves. Teeth, once damaged cannot be repaired. Thus, this should make us extra cautious and careful towards our hygiene. Ignorance of cleaning of teeth leads to tooth decay and plague. Brushing removes the plaque from the mouth. Flossing is also a method to avoid gum diseases. Gum Bleeding occurs due to weak gums and unhealthy eating practices. After having food, bacteria produce acids in the mouth and attack the teeth. Food containing starch produces a large number of acids and leads to tooth decay. It is recommended not to eat much sweets and chocolates. This lands us at the doorstep of the dentist. One must visit a good dentist to have a good set of teeth. There are various best dental shops online that provide excellent tips to keep the teeth healthy and fit. One must visit a dentist once a month for enjoying the good oral practice.

Dentist – The Savior

Dentistry, also known as oral medicine is the study, prevention, and treatment related to the oral cavity or mouth of the human body. Dentistry is not only limited to the teeth but also other supporting factors. Whenever there is some problem or issue with the teeth, the first word that comes to mind is the Dentist. A dentist is a doctor who practices dentistry. Dentist helps us to overcome our tooth decay, bleeding gums, ruptures tooth, and more.

The word dentist comes from the French word “dentist”. Being a dentist is not an easy task. It requires a feeling of care and affection towards patience. Dentists tend to have a lot of patience. The life of a dentist is difficult and pressuring. The dentist clinic has a lot of equipment and surgical items. The root canal is one of the difficult jobs that a dentist performs in their day to day life. One can find the best dental shops online if they need a root canal. Small children mostly come up with a complaint of a tooth cavity. Toothache, mainly in the wisdom tooth is a common problem among adults and the youth. Though other disciplines of medicine are highly paying and money-making, dentistry gives you inner satisfaction and reason to smile!

Teeth and Animals

Animals use their teeth not only for tearing and chewing flesh but also for their survival. They use their teeth for fighting against their opponents. Animals have pin-pointed and sharp teeth. Snakes have poison present in their teeth. They contain venom in their teeth. Whenever a snake bites, Venom is released into the prey's body leading to death. A small snail has about 20,000 teeth in its mouth. Mosquitoes use their teeth to suck blood from the human body. Elephant’s tusks are teeth that help them to use them as hands. The largest mammal Blue whale doesn’t have teeth in its mouth. Blue Whale cannot chew their food; they can only gobble them. Rabbits shed their birth teeth just after their birth and acquire permanent teeth shortly. Tooth enamel consists of dentin pulp which is made up of tissues and nerves and present in the centre of the pulp. Dentin is the second hardest part of teeth which is the reason for its extreme hardness.

Summing Up

Teeth play an important role in the digestion process. The process of digestion is initiated by teeth only. Hygiene and maintenance of teeth are essential to keep the teeth healthy and shiny. So, brush your teeth twice a day!!

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