How to Increase Your Power of Concentration and Attention

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

There are a number of issues and difficulties that decrease our power of concentration and make us unfocused and ineffective in what we do, who we really are, and what we express around us.

The first is at a level more than obvious to many of us who just do not want to admit it. It is the fact that you cannot be careful and concentrated to do two things at once. Time management is supposed to be if not 100% focused, then as close to this figure, to the work that you do in the present. You will see below that this first issue is closely related to another (the third in order of exposure).

The second is based on the notion of "we all carry a burden." This means that when we do something, because of our mind, we make continuous connections (mental) and projections to past or future things. In other words, we do something but always think at the same time about the things we need, things we want or need to make and to focus on what we must do at that moment. With simple observation, we can see that over 75-85% of our attention is not divided on the thing we do when speaking. We think we have bills to pay, to the discussion worn a few days ago with the boss, how we share tasks at work and in the household, we must buy a birthday gift for our best friend and many others too! We are slowly, slowly "burdened" by details and issues that have nothing to do with what we are doing at that time, which decreases our concentration.

A concrete example of maximum concentration is the reaction of humans in hard situations and shock. We find ourselves reacting in ways that we never expected, just as the shock wave causes focusing in one direction (that determines action and awareness.)

The third aspect refers to the choice. Most times what people think to do and go to do appear to be two different things. Sometimes both are different even for what they want to do. When these things happen they may determine suppression and may lead in directions that do not feel like they fit. When you do things that you feel forced to do, you cannot ever be completely focused and mindful of that thing. We said earlier that this third aspect is closely related to the first. Yes, by the fact that human nature will never feel to do more than one thing at a specific time.

Vitamins and minerals to improve attention and concentration

Most vitamins and minerals are found in foods, fruits and vegetables we eat. They ensure healthy and harmonious development. Vitamins A, B, C and D are the base of body "functionality ".

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C, all these vitamins are the nutrients that keeps our attention. Vitamins are the best choice especially for the nervous system because they ensure the production of neurons. Thus, the central nervous system is calmer, cognitive processes become clearer and concentration is enhanced.
Other vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining attention are: vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, selenium and Omega 3fatty acids. Studies show that Omega 3 fatty acid supplements can greatly improve behavior and concentration. Omega 3 fatty acids restore the "functionality" of the brain, and improve memory and attention.

Calivita herbal supplements to increase attention and concentration

- Lecithin is part of our body and plays an essential role in the functioning of the nervous system. Super Soya Lecithin can be an effective aid to improve attention, concentration, and memory, both for students and for seniors.

- Full Spectrum is a complex of vitamins and minerals in an optimal dose that meet the nutritional requirements of the body, providing balance, vitality, and health.

- Fatigue and stress can be controlled naturally with Energy and Memory natural supplement, which also increases the capacity of concentration and memory, in order to easily face daily requirements.

- Protect 4Life has the ability to improve brain function by stimulating circulation at this level due to Ginkgo biloba extract and offering protection against free radicals due to antioxidant substances from this supplement composition.

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