How To Get Motivated - Tap It From Within You

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Motivation is one of the words that this generation has given too much attention to. In the past, it is not something that people talk about. There weren't motivational coaches or books available. This does not mean that they didn't put premium on motivation to succeed. It is just that it wasn't really a big deal before. But what really is motivation. Why do people look for ways on how to get motivated?

Motivation is the force that drives people to do their best to achieve their goals in life. It is a feeling that helps people keep going. It is needed to succeed especially if your goal is really big like earning your first million before you reach the age of 30 or beating Olympic records in swimming. But it is also needed even if your goal is just simple like finishing your scale model toy plane in the shortest possible time or learning how to make a vegetable salad with vinaigrette sauce.

Motivation is something that comes from you and not from somebody else. It is something that you need to draw out from within you. Nobody can give it you. There are motivational coaches and speakers around but they cannot give you the motivation that you need. What they can do is teach you ways on how to get motivated or to help you tap that feeling in you to cause you to take actions. Perhaps the only thing that you can get from others that is close to motivation is inspiration. Inspiration is a feeling that you can get to trigger you to become motivated.

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