How To Get Emotional Freedom ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Emotional freedom is just about freeing one from various negative feelings like Anger, Jealousy, Stress, Strain and Anxiety. These negative feelings often put our total personality into total imbalance. One may not be able to behave properly if that person is under the deadly control of these negative factors.

Just imagine that in your office, your colleague is getting promoted from your rank to a higher one. How would you feel? Most of us feel desperate. We tend to lose ourselves, though we might not reveal our true feelings. We stitch on face to an artificial smile, though we are dying of pain inside. Similarly how does it feel when you are fired by your superior? Maybe you will return home and shout and make a fuss with your kids or your spouse.
Anger, Jealousy or other such negative feelings control our mind so much that sometimes we may even think that we are not in control of our true self.

Emotional freedom is something which can be of great help to people who are stressed, overwhelmed and discouraged. It makes us feel better and makes us love ourselves.

Gaining Emotional Freedom:
Never allow yourself to be envious and jealous. Being jealous or envious is only a human nature and it is quite natural to feel bad when you see another person prosper. Your mind should be far away from this quality, as it affects your good behavior towards others.
Never compare yourself with someone else. This will always stir your mind in becoming more envious and jealous. Comparing ourselves to others can result in the lack of belief in yourself and your ways of thinking and the end result would be extreme depression.
Take comparison in a positive way. Try to learn from others. Learn the fact that our mistakes can be corrected if we take in the good factors of others. Always
Be generous and giving. Giving gives satisfaction. Try giving others what you wanted very badly. You can feel the immediate effect in you. You will feel better and relaxed. The happiness in the other person’s face will give you more happiness.

Better behavior towards your colleagues or your family members. Be calm and talk softly to your friend next you or your wife. Talk to them more. So when you feel you are totally dull and down, you can have an open talk with them and make yourself at peace.

Love your pets. Pets love you unconditionally. Learn from them. Love others unconditionally.
Learn to forgive. Revenge is not the answer for everything. Forgiveness teaches us to stay calm and never to react roughly in any situation. Even if you feel like eating up the man next to you, who irritates you for nothing, forgive. And you shall be more peaceful.

Maintain better relationships. A positive relationship is a mandatory factor in any human’s life. Always love your partner so well that you don’t even think of any other relationships.
Think well and talk well. Feed your brain with good thoughts. This will help us in talking well. Our conversation must be pleasing to others. Rough talks often hurt others and also yourself. It will disturb you very badly.
Try to bring your dreams to the pass. Dreams provide energy for us to move on in life. Hope that everything will become true one day.

Avoid being anxious. Fear for something makes us over- anxious. Anxiety can only make us mad people. So it is better to avoid it or else we will get rid of our peace in life.
Learn to control anger. Anger can always kill you. It makes us talk so badly that we tend to lose our loved ones and hurt them very often. Keep your mouth zipped whenever you feel like you are in a very bad mood.
Gift yourself and your dear ones with an occasional gift or treat.

Never allow a dictator in your life. Avoid people who unnecessarily control you.
Cry whenever you feel like crying. It releases a lot of stress out of you and helps you to relax. It is a human nature to break to tears whenever you are happy or sad. Tears can create wonders in us, as a means of releasing tension.
Use your common sense to cope with difficult situations. Never complicate your thought process with unnecessary thoughts. Think wisely and act well.

Improve your communication skills and try to convey your ideas to others peacefully.
Read plenty of books. We can relax whenever we are into reading. You gain knowledge and relaxation from books.

These methods can help us in getting emotional freedom. Relax yourself from stress and think wider. Narrow mindedness always leads us to take bad steps in life. Think wider, Talk better, Program your mind with good thoughts and be mature in thinking. This is Emotional Freedom.

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