How to Get Bigger, Better, and Stronger Hamstrings?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 13, 2022

Just a few years ago when bodybuilding was practised and performed in its true sense, the whole body was given equal attention. If you look back at some of the most known bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you will see that their whole body was well built. You will never see them with bulky upper bodies and chicken legs. However, after social media when you have more control over what others can see, this is becoming a trend. People work on their upper body and eventually they only show their upper body on social media. However, when you see them in real life you will be disappointed because of their weak, skinny legs. Since this trend is becoming common, people started mocking this and now fitness enthusiasts call them chicken legs.

When asked about this issue, experts explained that most people think bodybuilding is all about upper body strength. Since in all movies we see men either trying to push vehicles with their bare hands or they are shown as superheroes trying to save some buildings, men only think about shoulders and chest muscles, even if we look at the physiques of men nowadays, we will see the emphasize is more on the upper body and they do not show lower body and legs. Another important factor is that people avoid lower body workouts because it is very tiring. We already use our legs for all kinds of work and they do not get tired very easily so when you start a leg workout, you have to push your limits.

With the help of this article, we will list down some of the most important yet effective workout routines that can help you with leg workouts. We will especially focus on hamstring muscles because they contribute to lower body power and they are very helpful in all kinds of movements.

Deadlifts Romanian style

Deadlifts are one of the most intense yet best exercises that you can add to your leg day workout. You have to keep your legs stiff while you perform the deadlifts and this is not the same as regular deadlifts so you will not be putting weight on your back. Instead, your main load will be on your hamstring.

You have to keep your feet at least shoulders apart and then keep your back straight. Now bend your waist rather than your knee. You have to tighten your glues for this and pick up the weight with full strength. It is up to you to change the intensity, you can add weight or bend more so your hamstrings can feel the burn.

Split Squats Bulgarian style

Split squats are great for building leg muscles, especially hamstrings. Start with a bench and keep dumbbells in both hands. Now rest your foot on the bench in a comfortable place. With one foot on the bench and other food on the ground, you have to dip down. Some people keep it narrow, others like to wide. It is up to you to find a good posture for each exercise.

Kettlebell Swings

Known to be a very common and effective workout for your legs, lower body strength, and muscles building, the kettlebell swing is very easy. You just have to stand with your feet apart and balance yourself. Now hold the kettlebell in both hands and swing it between your legs. Make sure you are not depending on your back muscles and lower back for strength and weight. Do not go so low that your spine has to feel the burn. Make sure you are balancing your body weight on your foot and as you swing you can hold it on your heel.

Back Squat

Another very famous and effective variation of squat is back squat. They are a form of compound exercises because you are not just focusing on one muscle instead, you will be focusing on multiple muscles at a time. You will be working on quads, gluteus, and buttocks as well. One thing is very important to keep in mind, this is an intense workout so you need to show your dedication. You have to go deeper as you perform your squats. Keep your feet apart and tighten your core. Now go down and push your hips a little back while your back will be straight. Now go down and feel the stress building on your hamstrings. This will also help you to work on your buttock.

Leg Curls

Just like arm curls help with building arm muscles, leg curls will help you with hamstring development as well. You will have a machine for this curl style as well. As you lay down on your stomach, keep the weight on your legs and lower body and slow down the movement. So not push the weight too hard or try to increase the speed or you might get injured.

Tips for Lower Body Workout

  • Lower body workout is very intense so you need to get your body enough time to get ready.
  • Start with a good warm-up session so you can get the blood rushing
  • Set a weekly frequency so your body can have enough time for recovery and healing.
  • Do not overtrain when you work out.
  • Stay hydrated but do not rely on energy drinks
  • Take at least 30 minutes breaks for digestion, after a heavy or fried meal
  • End your workout with a cool-down session
  • Take a cold shower after a workout to ease muscle ache.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the strength of your hamstring is not just for beautification but also body movement and helps you perform your daily activities without getting tired. From the time we wake up to the time we stand in a line to get our coffee or stand at our bus stations, our hamstrings are being used at every point. With the help of these mentioned exercises, you will not only be able to work on the strength but you will also see visible improvement in the overall girth. People who shy away when they wear shorts because their upper body doesn’t match their lean and skinny lower body needs to try these exercises. While starting these exercises make sure to set a good frequency so that you can offer your body enough time to heal.

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