How to Deal With Stress With Basic Stress Management Tips

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014


How to deal with stress. Stress causes the sympathetic nervous system to release stress hormones during the fight or flight response. These hormones need to be in balance. When released on a continuous basis due to chronic stress it has an effect on your nervous system.
There is a simple way to gain control of this. When you feel stressed Breath Deep! By using effective breathing exercises you can lessen the effects that stress has on your body. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system, how?
Relax, you can be seated or lying down for this exercise. Take a deep breath, watch your chest and stomach rise. Then let it out. Focus on those breathes. Repeat this 5 to 8 times. Do this daily.
The parasympathetic nervous system helps our body's to relax from the fight or flight response that was activated by the sympathetic nervous system. So, by breathing deep you are letting your body communicate with your brain. The message is De- Stress.
Breathing exercises are very healthy for the body. When we have poor breathing habits it steals our needed energy, impairs your concentration, and leads to muscle stiffness. This is because you are unknowingly depriving your body of the proper amount of oxygen. Breathing exercises are very popular. This is because of their effectiveness in stress relief and you have the ability to practice this virtually anywhere! Whether you are at work seated at the desk, or watching a movie with the kids you can do this simple exercise.
The fact in life is we are all faced with different types of stress. Recent medical studies show that stress affects health. Putting into practice basic stress management techniques can help you to relieve the stress you feel from the pressures of life. Good health to you.
Watch for my next article on more "Stress management techniques."

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