How to Cope With Adolescent Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013


Anxiety disorder is a serious problem which can affect an individual's life to a great extent. It influences a person's way to behave, to think and the way he feels making him feel vulnerable in some conditions. A teenage boy can also be affected with anxiety disorder if someone in his family had this problem or the boy had faced something so severe that it had a great effect on his mind. Anxiety disorder can be of many types like general anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and childhood anxiety disorder.

All the problems related to adolescent age can be sorted with adolescent boys counseling Austin but when a child has faced some traumatic period in his life, it is his mind and not body which has been affected. A child's mind is very delicate and is unable to cope with extreme emotional conditions if he faces any. When he sees members of his family fighting over petty matters, experienced kidnapping, sexual abuse or severe bullying in school then it affects their confidence, behavior and thinking ability.

This impact does not remain for a short term but impacts their overall personality for their entire life. You can find out whether your child is a victim of anxiety disorder or not by looking for these symptoms and if he or she is suffering from it then you should take professional help of performance enhancement Austin or a child counselor. The symptoms are:

Feeling agitated over small things, getting tense about something new, or is unable to relax.
Physical signs of anxiety attack include vigorous sweating, panting, increased heart rate, stomach ache, and headache or feeling nausea. You can look for these symptoms whenever anything new is going to happen like any major examination, performance, going to social event or leaving home for long period.
If your child wants to stay alone for long hours, feels shy to face people or to make friends at school.
He or she feels distracted and are unable to concentrate on studies or such activities. This can go on affecting their personality for rest of their life.
Always have negative thoughts and keep on talking about the negative results about any situation.

If you are unable to look for these symptoms then see that if your child becomes aggressive or leaves if the problem or circumstance takes on him. It is also a symptom of anxiety disorder, which should be treated effectively.

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