How To Build Champion Habits

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Our habits, good or bad, are developed over our lifetime. They reflect the things we believe, the things we read and listen to, and our choices in friends. Our lives are defined by our habits.
Every habit you possess has been developed. You don't have any habits that came to you at birth. I often say that a birth certificate gives people the right to achieve their dreams, but a birth certificate does not give you a set of habits that will ultimately structure your life. Those are built and developed by you.
For example, you weren't born brushing your teeth. You had to develop that habit. Do you ever miss a day of brushing your teeth? Of course not. That's the power of a habit. So, let's look at different habits. Before we consider the habits of Champions, let's look at what not to do. Here are a couple of characteristics of really bad habits:
Focus on Money: One of the worst habits that I've seen worldwide is people focusing all of their time and energy on making money. They don't have it, they want it, and they will do anything to get it. When people chase money, they end up broke. Contrary to what you have heard, money is not the root of all evil; the love of money is. Loving money will lead to petty (or larger) theft, cheating, gambling, and all kinds of corruptions. Champions are focused on serving others and changing lives not making money. If you serve from a pure heart, money will follow.
Here's another problem with love of money: the law of sowing and reaping. People that are focused on money are sowing the seed of greed everywhere they go. Trust me; that little crop will come up. They will reap their own greed in many situations from employees, clients, vendors, business partners, etc. Unfortunately, this greed reared its ugly head in 2009 throughout our country in the form of billion dollar Ponzi schemes, and you saw what those guys reaped for themselves and their families.
Education Obsession: First, let me say that education is great. I have a degree, and I believe education can serve a clear and fine purpose in our development. But, to see education as a synonym for success is a huge mistake. Getting a diploma is only one step of preparation for life. It doesn't matter whether you're educated or not; you still have to "Find Your Why." You still need to separate from negative influences; you still need to focus daily on changing lives, and all the other things that mark Champions. Always remember that talent outweighs education or a resumé any day.
So, what are Champion habits? Just as you can spot eagles high in the air because of the way they fly, you can spot Champions according to their habits. Here are a few:
Write a Why Card and Read It Daily: This is one of the biggest secrets to success I know. A Why Card is a simple way to capture why you are on this earth. Your Why is your compelling reason for living. One of the greatest Champion habits is creating your Why Card and reading it every single day. A Why Card is very basic. Simply write your Why on a 3x5 index card and carry it with you everywhere you go. I recommend that you read it for seven minutes when you get out of bed and again right before you go to sleep. It's a great way to start and end your day plus it will keep you focused on your true purpose. Here's a sample Why Card to get you started:
I am dealing with all the challenges of building my business today, because my WHY is to spend more time with my family, provide for my children's education, and have the finances needed to take regular family vacations and be a mentor to my kids. I am donating/tithing a percentage of my earnings to my church or favorite organization. I am making a difference today as a profit producing, fear demolishing, record breaking, action taking, eye opening, mind blowing, fired up and laser focused millionaire Champion!
How would you feel reading that every morning before you start your day? I guarantee that developing the habit of reading your Why Card will dramatically change your results in every area of your life. With every challenge or obstacle in life that you face, simply face it head on and read your Why Card. Start internalizing your Why in your mind, your heart and your spirit. It will change your life forever, and you will never go back to that point you were at before you found your Why.
Speak Positive Words: I've found that Americans don't understand the power of words like some cultures do. When we speak words, those words take on a life of their own. Just as negative words spoken by our parents have deep power in our lives, so do positive words. You can literally change the environment of your life and develop a champion habit by speaking a blessing to your family, your car, your house, your job, your bank account, your dreams, your sales calls, everything. That means telling yourself the truth!
Tell yourself out loud - "I am a Champion! I expect greatness in my life today! I am a laser-focused, fired-up, action taking champion! I am soaring like an eagle." Bombard yourself with true words constantly. Blast the negative thoughts right out of yourself and your environment.
Choose a Personal Title and Credentials: You can spot Champions by what they call themselves. You don't have to use the same job title and credentials that most people choose. For example, a national sales manager in Dallas has Chief Concierge as his job title. I love that! Most people in his position would just refer to themselves a Sales Manager. What's the difference? The Chief Concierge sees his role and himself as more than just a Sales Manager. Just like some people have BS, MA, PhD after their name indicating the level of education or certification they have attained, why not put WW for Why Warrior or LC for Life Changer after your name? If you think that's silly, then you are not serious about developing Champion habits in life. Instead, you take the easy route of just following the crowd.
My point here is not that Champions make a habit of trying to be different. Rather, Champions know their life is their own. So, they make a habit of designing it. Disregard traditional titles. You know you and your Why better than anyone else so be bold and design your life. Your life is yours to operate so don't base it on someone else or society's job descriptions. Put whatever you want on your business card. After all, it's your way of telling others who you really are.
Read Personal Development Materials: Champions make a habit of reading positive, uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring books, articles, and other materials. However, most people just waste their time with the wrong kind of reading material if they read at all. Just as you are careful about which foods to feed your body, you have to show as much or more care relating to what you feed your mind. That's why Champions only digest those ideas, stories, and challenges that build up rather than pollute their mind.
Join Positive and Faith-Filled Events: While the majority of people are watching TV, Champions make a habit of immersing themselves in motivation by attending live fired-up events. If you desire to become a success addict, then you have to make a habit of eating, drinking, breathing success. Turn off the TV. Go to an event that will empower you to succeed or pop in a CD or DVD that will encourage you.
Giving: If you want to be magnificently successful, then you need to know the one victory secret that all Champions have in common. That one thing is the habit of generous giving. When you sow generosity, you also reap generosity. Similarly, selfish attitudes about money will reap poor results. Stingy people do not become truly successful in life. Champions believe this statement; therefore, they build a habit of giving, giving, giving, and then giving some more.
Now, it's your decision to begin developing new Champion habits. Always remember, you're your habits predict your future so diligently form the ones that will give you the future that you want. It's your life. Be there.

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