How To Bring Focus To Train Your Attention

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

Attention is an important cognitive process which allows one to selectively concentrate on one part of his/her environment while ignoring other aspects. Attention has also been referred to as allocating mental processing resources. We will discuss more about this important cognitive process and how it can impact the everyday lives of people.
Focus and attention are words that typically go hand in hand when it comes to defining this process. A great example of attention might be the ability to listen carefully to what someone is saying despite the presence of loud music throughout the room.
Attention is also very much at work if you talk to someone on the phone while you are cooking for example. It is this ability to place focus and attention on important tasks and prioritize them which makes this process so unique and so important.
It should be noted that attention is such an important cognitive process that it is one of the most studied topics within many fields of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. It is also heavily studied within many fields of education, psychology, and neuroscience.
There are many current studies that focus on the source of stimuli which generates attention, the impact of these signals, and their ability to allow us to “tune out” different stimuli which get in the way of focusing on tasks or stimuli at hand.
There is also a great deal of study in regard to the relationship between attention and other cognitive processes such as memory.
It is also interesting to note that there has been a great deal of research recently which has focused on the impact of brain injury as it relates to attention and the ability to focus and hold attention.
Attention is a very vital process as it helps to enhance our ability to focus on important tasks at hand. It is a critical part of how we learn new things. It is very important for students to show strong attention to certain stimuli in order to absorb the information and knowledge necessary.
The ability to focus attention on different areas affects us every day. For example, if we do not place attention on listening to someone's name, chances are that we will forget that name very quickly.
There are a number of important techniques, which can help people to apply proper attention in order to improve many mental processes. Without proper attention, many higher-level processes would be negatively affected.

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