How to Become Attractive?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

How to be attractive to females? Is it possible to simply change some parts of your personality to become an attractive guy and be able to get any female you find attractive? Yes and no. You can learn how to become a more attractive guy but you will never be able to seduce any woman you want (there’s no seducer in the world who can get any female he finds attractive). However, after reading this article and applying the tips from it you will definitely start getting more looks from women. And that will help you get good with girls!

It all starts with your mentality. If you are needy and you don't approach women, you will never be attractive to females because you will show your neediness through your behavior. So the most crucial step you have to take is to understand that there are many sexy females. If one female isn't interested in you, there are many more waiting for you! Now that you hopefully understand this concept, we can talk about another step.

When you understand that there are many attractive females will make you a less needy person. However, if you want to permanently change your mindset you need to regularly go out and approach as many interesting females as you can. Thanks to this, you will not only get better with females - you will also develop a completely new vibe  around you - a vibe of a man who interacts with women frequently (girls can sense that aura).

The first paragraphs of this article are the most crucial thing that you have to memorize - understand that there are always more girls and that you have to do approaches often to become a more attractive person. Now that you know the most crucial beliefs, we can proceed further and talk about other things that will make it easier to achieve success with women.

Firstly, improve your first impression. Improve your clothing style (collared shirts instead of T-shirts, clothes that fit well instead of oversized clothes), start working out (to improve your body), and improve your diet. These small habits will greatly improve your looks - and girls will show you that they noticed it. It's much easier to approach a woman who sends you obvious signals (and you will get many more signals once you take care of your looks).

Secondly, you need to be an optimist. Have passion and be an interesting man who has more interests in his life than just seeking a girlfriend or sex.

Lastly, educate yourself. Girls love guys who are smart and who can talk about many different topics. That is all you need to know - apply the advice!

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