How I Started A New Life With The Secret: The Laws Of Attraction

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Several people have set aside 'The Secret' as complete nonsense, nothing but hogwash, something that works for the few and lucky ones. Bob Proctor decided to put this line of thinking as incorrect through his innovative study course 'The 11 Forgotten Laws.' He revealed why you aren't getting the results you are after.

The Law of Attraction by itself is incomplete.

If you had a shot at the Law of Attraction like I did a while ago, and just like for me it did not work for you, then the time has come for you to find out why and where you and I went wrong instead of simply setting aside the law as something that doesn't work. Thinking that the Law of Attraction as stipulated in 'The Secret' as something that does not work demands you to sit down and find out why. In fact, giving up on it is the surest way I discovered to pass up on living an abundant life.

In the eleven forgotten laws, Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey describe the solutions as to the difficulties that individuals face when trying to use what was taught in 'The Secret'.

Proctor and Morrissey inform us that the Law of Attraction by itself is not enough for you to live the life that you want. What has been taught to us in 'The Secret' initially is incomplete. That alone was a revelation to me. This is the reason why Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey released their study course which presents a more detailed structure as to how you can have a happy, thriving and life.

In this refreshing program, which I have and was grateful that I did come across it, Bob Proctor gives details as to how and why the Law of Attraction has been misread. He also talks about a couple of inconsistencies in the 2006 documentary movie 'The Secret.'

It may not surprise you to know that for more than a century, the Law of Attraction has been a great topic of analysis, and at present, more and more people across the world are finally realising how this principle can change lives, their lives. The best person in this field, in my eyes, is Bob Proctor. In the 11 Forgotten Laws, he tells us that the singular law, the Law of Attraction, by itself is not enough to bring about the transformations that people want. The reality is, he says, what has been formerly taught and shared with us all around the world, is partial.

There's more to it than just practising the Law of Attraction. That's the secret, the laws of attraction must be practised as well.

Consequently, Bob has given us 'The 11 Forgotten Laws.' If you, like me, attended a lot of seminars, read and studied a whole lot of books, watched one DVD after the next and listened to CDs and MP3s, and your dream life is still way out of reach, the missing link, the reason as to why your dream has not manifested is because of the other 11 laws. Don't get me wrong. The Law of Attraction is legitimate, but alone it is practically powerless.

If you want to change the conditions of your life, improve on your finances, have better health, have joyful relationships, these eleven forgotten laws by Bob Procter and Mary Morrissey will give you that opportunity to do just that, where you can turn your goals and dreams into reality.

If you can and are willing to commit to about 15 minutes a day, you can achieve more success in the next 30 days than all the successes you had in the past three years.

Simply put: By focusing solely on the Law of Attraction, you will accomplish very little, if anything.

Picture what 15 minutes a day can do to change your lifestyle: when you go way beyond the secret, the Laws of Attraction, and live the life of your dreams. I'm on the way there. Why not join me?


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