How Exercise Prevents Osteoporosis Naturally

Dr. Purushothaman
March 18, 2020

When the density of the bone is lost, it will lead to fragility of the bone. Fragile bones tend to break easily and this can lead to osteoporosis. This situation usually affects a person when he/she starts aging. People with less bone health are prone to be affected by osteoporosis. It is a well known fact that prevention is better than cure in relation to our health and wellbeing. Hence eating a healthy diet right from a young age is very essential to maintain bone health. In short, eating meals with balanced nutrition and calcium can help to prevent the disease.

How to maintain bone health with exercise

Other than consuming nutritious food, we can prevent Osteoporosis naturally with the help of yet another method that needs no extra cost, and that is exercising on a regular basis. Most people are not aware of the fact that sports activities have a lot of benefit to our health on the whole. Remaining stagnant for hours does only harm to the body. But when we walk and do a lot of physical activities, our body refreshes and stays healthy. Exercising also helps in making our mind stress free and clear. It helps in providing a happy feeling that will make our day superb. With the help of sufficient blood supply due to exercise, our brain will get the right amount of blood supply and when we exercise, our body remains hale and healthy.

Exercising makes the blood circulation go in a normal procedure. It burns excess fat and eliminates calories. This in turn helps in reducing the risks of high blood pressure as well as obesity. As per the epidemiologist at Penn State University College of Medicine, exercise gives better health to the bones than consuming calcium through different foods or through supplements. In short, lots of physical activity can help us avoid osteoporosis.

Treatment of Osteoporosis includes exercise or any kind of physical activity. When we exercise regularly, we are able to build our muscles as well as improve the strength of the bones. In short, exercise helps to reduce the risks that involve during falls which can ultimately lead to fractures. The bone strength in increased as a result of sports activities. By doing proper exercise in the correct manner will definitely help in preventing osteoporosis and it can be taken as a treatment for the disease too.

The right way to treat osteoporosis is to do regular exercise, take the right medication and to set the right diet chart that can give you the right nutrients. But ultimately, one needs to understand that exercising is the best of all. There is no better option than exercise for curing as well as for preventing osteoporosis.

Bone density will decrease for those people who are not active physically. Bone density can be increased with exercise. It can be seen that women are the ones who develop osteoporosis than men. Exercising can help in saving more strength to the bone. After 30s, the density of bone decreases. Hence, to maintain the right density, you need to do regular exercise. Women by the age of 50 experience menopause. This actually removes the mass of the bone. Such a procedure happens due to the decrease of estrogen in the body. Bone mass is lost in a quicker pace than the formation of the bones. The result will be osteoporosis.

Fracture at the groin or hip area is very dangerous. Hence, to avoid such a situation, regular exercising is a mandatory thing to do regularly.

Types of Osteoporosis

Post Menopausal Osteoporosis:

That happens in women due to the lack of estrogen.

Secondary Osteoporosis:

This is experienced by those people who have osteoporosis. It is caused due to the consumption of medicines. It can be caused due to the hormonal disorders, drugs or chronic renal failure. Consuming alcohol and indulging in chain smoking can increase osteoporosis.

Senile Osteoporosis:

This is caused due to the calcium deficiency in the body. It is usually caused due to age. People above the age of 70 experience this condition more often.

Idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis

This is a kind of osteoporosis whose cause is not known. Usually it happens in children and teenagers. The real reason is still unknown.
When we take a look at the best means of curing and preventing this disease, we understand that exercise is the best. Living in wellbeing is possible with the right intake of food and the right kind of exercise. Avoid osteoporosis by indulging in the right physical activity and stay healthy.

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