How could one determine that a person is trustworthy?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 1, 2023

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Trust is something that is gained over a period of time after observing a person’s honesty and integrity. Trustworthy people never lie or mislead other people. It is how everyone should act. If you are looking to find out whether people are trustworthy or not, you may check these traits of trustworthy people.

They Do Not Participate in Gossip Trustworthy people are into good conversations and avoid gossips involving the third person. They do not make assumptions about people and do not let their behaviour be influenced by outside factors. Trustworthy people never speak ill words behind anyone’s back.

Maintain Secrets

Trustworthy people will never tell your secret to any other person. They know how to keep their mouth shut. They know how to fight the urge to reveal your secret to someone else.

They Accept Faults and Shortcomings

Trustworthy people very well understand their faults and shortcomings. They speak openly about their bad decisions, failures or past mistakes. They do not shy away from sharing their bitter experiences of life so that other people can learn from them.

They Do Not Pretend

Trustworthy people are unique and they do not pretend in front of other people. They present themselves as to how they are without any hesitation. They would not do anything deceptive to impress or catch the attention of other people.

They Do Not Make Fake Promises

Trustworthy people are known for keeping their words. They are honest with the things they do and never make false promises. They never commit to the tasks which they would not be able to do or complete by making fake promises.

They are Helpful

Trustworthy people are always ready to help other people. They never shy away from being a helping hand to needy people. They always put themselves in other people’s shoes, feel for them and try their best to help them.

They Are Resourceful

Trustworthy people are students for life. They are always eager to learn and grow. They know that there is always a scope of improvement and strive towards achieving that. They are always ready to share their resources to help and inspire other people.

The above mentioned are some of the traits that you will find in trustworthy people. In case you need any kind of help relating to life management you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors and involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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