How About Changing Your Career?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Young people often get restless when they are caught up in the same job for more than a year or so. They even get bored and feel monotones from the daily 9 to 5 job. Hence many people try and change their professions or try and change their careers. There are many people who change careers after their graduation or after they have tried their hand at the previous career. Many people take a graduation degree in some stream and then take post graduation degree in some other stream and then to job in some other sector and then make their career there.

There are many examples of people who have taken a doctorate degree or have studied and then later on have become musicians or artists or have taken up other completely different careers. There are examples of people who have done their basic degree in engineering or computers and then who start their own business. Then there are people who take courses and education in a different subject and then later on join IT industry or any other industry which can provide them better growth option and better pay packages.

The best example of a career change is that the co-founder of Symantec. Later in his career, he gave up all his stakes in the company and became a professional poker player. Changing a career is not that difficult, now-a-days with so many new courses and so many new sectors and opportunities available changing ones career as simple as it gets. People take a graduate degree in chemistry, biology, etc and then do a masters degree in management and enter the management sector.

Today's industrial world is not as rigid as it used to be a few years back. Multi-tasking professionals and individuals who have various certificates and degrees are most welcomed. For example, today the demand for IT professionals is so high, that companies are recruiting individuals with any graduation degree and then are imparting IT training and turning them into IT professionals.

There are many students who, while studying get breaks into modeling or acting and then turn into professional and full time models and actors. There are people who take up drawing as their hobby and end up being artists and start earning their living by selling their paintings and creations.

Some people plan to be an engineer or a government officer and then due to certain circumstance and opportunities change their profession and turn into business men or consultants, etc.

Changing your career is considered to be adventures and many people change their careers to get a break from their usual life and follow their heart and passion. More often than not these career changes are very effective and help one get the best out of him. These career changes alter the entire life of that person. Some people change careers in search of job satisfaction, growth opportunities, better pay packages, convenient shifts, etc.

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