Hospitality - An Online Education

Dr. Purushothaman
November 30, 2013


No matter what form of business a person walks into there is always an individual who is present to help in any way they can. This person is working in the industry of hospitality. This field can have students working in different settings and with a variety of different people. Interested students have a wide selection of online schooling options available to them.

Hospitality simply defined is the relationship between a host and a guest. This relationship can be seen in every business and organization. Prospective students will learn the role of a professional through different degrees and career options. The field is broken down into travel, tourism, and hospitality. The goal of each one is to ensure customers get the most out of their time, money, vacation, or business trip. Gaining a formal education ensures a student higher pay and proper training that experience alone cannot provide. Individuals can earn an education from an associate's degree to a master's degree. Some colleges offer certificate programs for students that can't pursue a full time degree or are not required to for their career. The industry is in demand because of the increasing number of individuals who travel each year. With an education students will have many options available to them upon graduation. Each level of education will prepare a student for different careers in the professional workforce. Students should consider what their career goals are so they can enroll in the correct program.

An associate's degree program will provide students with a basic foundation to prepare them for the many roles they will perform. Students will have different concentrations to choose from when selecting a program. Travel, tourism, hotel management, and hospitality management are a few of the options available to students. A travel and tourism degree program will prepare individuals by giving them a well-rounded education through courses like geography, introduction to business, and travel marketing.

A bachelor's degree in any of these concentrations will prepare students with the necessary skills to become managers in their specific area of study. A degree in tourism and hospitality teaches students how to ensure that a customer's trip runs smoothly. Students learn the correct knowledge to know how to book trips in every aspect. This includes transportation, food, and entertainment. Courses that help prepare students for their chosen field include destination services, recreation related industries, and the fundamentals of purchasing. Specialized courses to help students in their managerial capacity include leadership and case analysis.

A master's degree program is extremely beneficial for students that want to work internationally with a variety of clients and destinations. Courses center on industry exclusive content directly related to international traveling and hospitality. Students are instructed on hospitality management through general business management courses and case studies. This type of degree is beneficial to any one looking to advance their hospitality career.

Enter the workforce faster by utilizing an accredited online program to earn a degree. The online study of hospitality opens a wide range of careers for the degree holding individual. Students who like to travel and work with people from all over the world will find a degree option for their needs.

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