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Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014


There are many people around us who are conscious about health and there are also some who even never bother about their diet plan, their daily routine, the factors that are inhibiting their strength and most importantly peace of mind that is lacking because of their least bothered attitude. Have you ever tried to figure out the strength of your mind? Have you ever reviewed intellectual skills, the mental ability to bear stress, your attention to something and your memory? If not then attempt it once and learn the basics lacking in your diet that are directly or indirectly undermining your mental capability.
Our brain is an important organ of human body. Like other muscles and body organ, if people overlook the concept of actively treating their brain, it will weaken our mindability and it gradually it will become less sharp. There are many outside factors that affect the working of mind e-g poor diet, your life style, overburdening your brain and list goes on. We should be well aware of the fact that our mind is the source of control that involves motor skills, emotion, judgment, carry out tasks and most importantly living a purposeful life.
We all know for a healthy living balanced diet, healthy life style and a continuous exercise plan are very important. Are you thinking of anything that is still missing? Yes, that is mental health. You must be aware of some health tips, but there is a vey minor percentage of people who are aware of tips for a healthy mind. Following are some important healthy mind tips that will make your mind more active and will play a leading role in carrying out multiple tasks on a daily basis very easily.
Get fit to have a healthy mind. If still you are not exercising regularly then it means you are not concerned about your health. Just like our other body parts, the brain need circulation blood flow and oxygen. If you are exercising continuously then it reduces the brain cell loss especially in elders and maintains a good mental health.
It is recommended to eat a diet that is low in fat and cholesterol but high in sugar and protein, as it will reduce the risk of developing dementia and other side effects to the brain. We all are aware of healthy body but what is a healthy mind? Feed your brain with products including vegetables, fruits as they boost your brain health and minimize the risk of developing blood clots that increases the risk of Alzheimer's.
When you are in stress or tension what is relaxing for you? You have to be a social butterfly to maintain a healthy mind. Staying close with friends and sharing with dear ones provide peace of mind. Involve yourself in social activities as much as you can. Don't overburden yourself with stress. It will only lead to more stress or nothing else. Be strong and keep yourself happy by motivating yourself.
Last tip but very important tip is to keep your brain engage in work. You know if you are not involving your mind in any activity then it is also unhealthy. Participate in games or activities that requires a strategy or planning. It will keep your mind active and sharp.
So are you ready to take the challenge? Have you analyzed yet what is missing? If yes then its never too late to adopt anything healthy. Get started now and be sharp enough for active and healthy living. Only balanced diet will not work mental health is equally important.
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Author: Amber Fida is working as a Snr. Media Officer at Chughtais Lahore Lab. She is a blogger, social media strategist and a consultant. You can follow her on twitter @amberfida.
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