Healthy Living Tips - 23

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2015

Do exercise frequently that opens and elongates your body instead of repetitive movements that contract and constrict your muscles
Eat breakfast daily
Choose steamed over cooking or baking

Make movement a part of your relationship – a daily walk together with your partner deepens your association and strengthens your body

Make sure nothing in your icebox, fridge or cabinet contains flavoring

Opt for contemporary juices with veggies

Three grass shots consecutive time you wish a pick-me-up

Eat chillies – they stimulate the discharge of feel-good endorphins within the brain

Get involved in your community in how – have a reason to urge up within the morning that’s larger than simply your and your family

Afternoon snoozes remodel our energy and our expertise of our day

Create one thing, something – an attractive meal, music, art, anything
Healthy Living Tips

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