Healthy Life - Things That You Must Know When It Comes To Yeast Infection

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


When you find out you have a yeast infection, you can feel somewhat grossed out and not willing to hear too much about it. However, the more you know about what is causing the yeast infection, and what you can do to get rid of it, you will feel empowered to treat the infection. Here are some tips you can use.
Eat lots and lots of garlic. Garlic has many benefits, including anti-fungal properties. The anti-fungal properties of garlic can help to prevent and treat yeast infections. However, garlic can thin your blood, so if you are taking any blood thinning medications, consult with your general practitioner before upping your garlic intake.
As a woman, you may think that douching your vaginal area will help keep you clean; this is actually not true. When you douche, you are stripping the natural protective lining of the vagina, allowing this infection to form. Douching also eliminates your body's good bacteria, which leaves you more susceptible to this infections.
You would be wise to avoid exercising, eating large meals or taking caffeine right before you go to sleep if you wish to prevent this infection. All these things can reduce the quality of sleep you get which can compromise your immune system making you much more susceptible to getting a yeast infection.
If a routine course of antibiotics almost always leads to a yeast infection for you, ask for a prescription for Diflucan at the same time. This prescription anti-fungal medication can prevent the overgrowth of yeast that often occurs when the bacteria in your system are wiped out. You can also eat extra yogurt while taking antibiotics.
Think about what kind of medications you are using. Certain medications, especially antibiotics, can greatly increase the risk of developing a yeast infection. Other medications, like steroids and oral contraceptives, also increase the chance of developing these infections. See if your doctor can recommend medications that are less likely to cause an infection.
If you find yourself suffering from chronic yeast infections, you might need to avoid foods that are high in yeast and mold. If your body is already having a difficult time warding off yeast, you don't want to aggravate that condition by consuming more yeast and mold. Foods to avoid would include things like dried fruits, melons, peanuts and most cheeses.
Try to keep your stress under control. It has not been proven in scientific studies, but many people have observed that stress is linked to yeast infections. If you are often stressed out or have a highly stressful job, try to manage your stress the best you can by using meditation, yoga, or deep breathing.
One natural remedy that many people use to treat this infection is to use white vinegar. Combine a teaspoon of white vinegar with a quart of warm water and use this solution to wash your vagina. This helps restore your vagina's natural balance and has been proven to eliminate this infection.
Talking about things is really the best way to learn from the experiences of others and if you've dealt with this infection, you know how important reliable information can be! Use the helpful tips from this article to prevent and treat this infection and pass them on to prevent other's suffering as well.
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