Healthy Life Is the Result of Balanced Food

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014


I see my neighbour water her plants every day. There isn't one day where she fails doing so. However, one fine morning, I saw the plant withering away. Wondering what went wrong? Well, it so happens that in order to go for a holiday, she decided to water the plant twice as much and didn't for the next whole week. It was the fourth day after she left; the plant was on its deathbed. Now the reason for sharing this snippet is to tell you that many things in life resemble the same situation. Many times, we stuff ourselves with good food with all balanced important nutrients, assuming that it will make up for a long absence. And it isn't rocket science to understand that this way of making sure your body gets right nutrition is totally wrong.
Why balanced nutrition?
Everyday your body takes part in some or the other activity. Ever wondered how does it function? Just like any other machine, your body needs sufficient & balanced input in order to perform and give out the desired output. You can't expect an under nourished body to function optimally and stay healthy and fit. It's insane. In order to stay healthy and fit, a well-balanced and well-nourished diet is an absolute must. For every activity you take part in, your body needs some vital nutrients. Even if all you do is sit in the office and work, say brainstorm, you still need certain vital components of the nutrients, which will make your brain work at its best. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats form the macro nutrients, whereas minerals and vitamins are known as micro nutrients. Body needs to maintain the delicate balance between them in order to stay healthy in the long haul.
Problems caused by improper nutrition
There isn't one specific problem that is caused due to lack of proper nutrition; there are a host of them. As age progresses, the effects of improper nutrition start showing rapidly. If the body isn't healthy, it acts as an open invitation for degenerative diseases. Diabetes is another common occurring problem. Along with these, the body loses its strength, valor and luster, becoming lifeless. With such conditions, even walking two blocks is a task. And who wants to live like that?
How to expiate for missed nutrients?
Though difficult, it is not impossible to atone for the lost nutrients. There are various ways in which one can attain all the required vital nutrients. One of the ways to do it is to make sure to include foods from all groups, like cereals, pulses, fruits, vegetables, milk, poultry, etc. so that the body receives the various different nutrients. Now this, though easy enough to understand, is very difficult to execute. I mean you can't possibly manage to prepare your meals everyday to include it all. Other way to get proper nourishment is to opt for supplements, which will provide you with necessary nutrients and that too in the right quantity on a daily basis. PentaSure, by Hexagon - a company which is an expert into food supplements and clinical nutrition, is one of the best products for nutrition. Known as a complete source of nutrition, this product contains soya isolate, which provides the body with the essential amino acids required for the daily wear and tear. These protein molecules play a very important role in overall growth and development. It also contains Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, a very vital nutrient for smooth functioning of all body processes. The lactose and gluten free elements make it the ideal choice for diabetics and people wanting to lose weight.
A perfect product to make you healthy, after all you are what you eat!
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