Health Risks of Being Underweight

Dr. Purushothaman
May 31, 2017

We do not usually take being underweight as a serious problem like being overweight. This ISA condition that happens when people have a body weight, which is usually less than the weight required for a normal body. The real problem that such people find is lacking the right calories that are necessary for fueling up the body. People with parents who have thin body are prone to have this condition. Illnesses could also make you lose weight and the ability of the body to use as well as store food will be disturbed leading to loss of weight. Certain medications can also cause loss of weight. People affected with depression are also prone to lose weight.

Risks that can be developed if you are underweight


People with low body weight usually develop anemia. With such a condition, the red blood cells that are produced in the body becomes very low. Usually, people with low weight, eat less amount of food than normal people do. In such a situation, the body will not get the right amount of nutrients that are needed for the production of the red blood cells. Iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acids are needed for the production of red blood cells.

Decreased immune function

The major risk of not having a healthy weight is that your immune system will be affected in a very bad way. People with less body weight are weaker than those who have the right body weight. When your body has the right immune system equipped, you are indirectly protected against the majority of the diseases. Foreign contamination is not possible when the immune system is perfect. The lack of the right amount of fuel to fight against such foreign contaminations will make your body prone to develop disease like cold or flue more often.


It is a surprising fact that people with the problem of low weight develop diabetes. Usually there is a myth among people that people with low weight do not develop diabetes. But this is totally wrong. Being thin makes the person eat whatever they like and leave out the regular exercises that are essential for the body. Such a situation can lead to diabetes.

Heart disease

The reason why people with less body weight are prone to develop heart disease is because they doe not take care of the food items they consume. Fat that is accumulated in the heart is more dangerous than the fat accumulated under the skin. This can actually lead to heart diseases.

Weakness of the muscles

Yet another health risk that is related to low body weight is muscle weakness. Such a condition will stop the ability of the body to maintain the right body temperature, leading to many health risks. The muscles are in need of the right proteins. They help in developing and maintaining the muscle health. People with less body mass do not have the right amount of nutrients in their body to nourish the muscle strength. Such a condition can result in body weaker as well as fatigue, in case the right exercises are not done.

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