Health & Nutritional Benefits of Goat Meat

Dr. Purushothaman
April 12, 2020

Goat meat or mutton is a popular meat variation in Asia. Even though America and European countries are popular for their consumption of meat, they do not prefer goat meat. Goat meat has got a lot of health benefits compared to beef or chicken. But you should never get mistaken goat meat with the meat of the lamb. It is completely a different animal. Goat meat is used to make soup, curries, steak, kebabs, cutlets, and more.

There is a great popularity of meat like chicken, beef and pork. But why is goat meat very much in priority compared to the others? Goat meat is very much related to cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure rises as well as hypertension. Those who have these conditions are advised to avoid goat meat as it can harm their health. Check out some of the main reasons why goat meat should be served at your dinner table more often.

  • Goat meat is a lean variety of meat. It is a fact that the fat present in goat meat is better and healthier than the chicken fat. So if you are opting for a healthier option of protein without fat, you can choose either fatless chicken breast or fatless goat meat.
  • When we compare goat meat with beef, chicken and pork, we understand that the meat of the goat is much cleaner than the rest as goat is usually raised in farms that are much smaller. The goats are allowed to wander around and eat the weeds, grass and brush that are found around. It is a fact that the other animals that are meant for meat such as pigs, chicken and cows are not raised in a natural way. To increase the growth, they are injected antibiotics and hormones. This is the main reason why goat meat is a much healthier option for us.
  • Normally goat meat that we get from the market is usually from the farms in the local areas. So the meat is much fresher and healthier compared to chicken, beef or pork.

Some of the benefits of eating goat meat

  1. Less Blood vessel inflammation risk
  2. The major benefit of goat meat is that is has the ability to lower inflammation risk in blood vessels. It is because of the Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA that is present in it. CLA is a fatty acid that has the ability to reduce as well as to prevent conditions of inflammation in the body.

  3. It helps to stabilize the heartbeat
  4. No one knows the fact that goat meat is very good as well as effective in stabilizing the heart beat. This is the reason why goat meat is mainly related to the coronary heart health. The unsaturated fat that the meat has is more than the amount of saturated fat. This is good for the health of the heart.

  5. Has Fatty Acid that prevents cancer
  6. One of the fatty acids that are able to prevent cancer is the Conjugated Linoleic Acid or the CLA. Moreover, goat meat has high amount of Vitamin B complex such as Riboflavin, thiamin, panthothenic acid and niacin that are helpful to prevent cancer.

  7. Helps to burn fat
  8. The goat is a lean animal compared to other animals meant for meat such as pig, or cow. Since it is raised in a very local and old fashioned manner, it is can be called the leanest of the other meat providers.

  9. Great for bones
  10. Goat meat has minerals in it, especially calcium in it that will help in maintaining the health of the bones in the body. The conditions such as less bone density and pain in the joints can be prevented by consuming goat meat. It is good for growing children.

  11. As an anti aging agent
  12. Goat meat has this amazing quality that no one is aware of, anti aging quality. Goat meat is full of minerals, and this promotes the regeneration of healthy cells in the body. New cells are produced as a result. Hence consuming goat meat will make you look younger.

Other benefits of eating goat meat

It helps in controlling blood sugar level, provides immunity to the body, regulates metabolism of the body, promotes development of the brain, provides iron, and has a high potassium content that is good for the health of your heart, balances the level of cholesterol in the body and reduces the chances of obesity.

Caution to be taken while taking goat meat

Care should be taken not to over eat the meat, as it excess consumption of goat meat can create serious problems such as weight gain, obesity and food poisoning. Those who are having heart problems should completely avoid goat meat. Uncooked or semi cooked goat meat can be a problem in digestion and is not healthy too. For a healthy living, always keep things in moderation, even consumption of goat meat.

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