Health & Nutritional Benefits of Bamboo Tea

Dr. Purushothaman
November 1, 2020

Bamboo is mainly used for making furniture, decorative articles, flooring, artworks and more. Bamboo also provides great nutrition as the tea from its leaves work wonders for our health. The dried leaves of bamboo leaves are made into an herbal decoction to be consumed. It is also used as medicine long back. The tea has a cooling effect and is a good medicine. The taste of the tea is light sweet taste, and can be relished in cold or hot form.
Bamboo tea helps in promoting health. Some of the benefits that we obtain from drinking this tea are mentioned here.

  • Helps to strengthen our teeth

For promoting the health of our teeth, most of us drink milk regularly. You can also include bamboo tea in our daily diet if you are planning to give more importance to oral health. Bamboo tea contains silica that is a great component that helps in strengthening our teeth.

  • Good source of silica

Bamboo tea is a good source of Silica. It helps in repairing damaged cells. It also helps in strengthening our teeth, nails, skin and bone.

  • As a good source of Fiber

Fiber has got a great lot of benefits. We can improve our digestive system and balances our metabolism. With a good fiber intake, constipation can be prevented to a very large extent. The tea has got soluble fiber in a small amount. Hence it is very much relaxing to the stomach.

  • Is a good antioxidant

Bamboo tea has nutrients and hence it is a good source of antioxidants. With the good amount of antioxidants in the body, the risk of getting any kind of health problems can be lowered. Fruits are yet another source of antioxidants.

  • Helps in detoxifying

The toxins in the body need to be detoxified so as to maintain our health. If detoxification is not done in the right way, it will not be good for our body. Consuming bamboo tea is a good way of consuming the right detoxifier that suits our body.

  • Good source of Polyphenols

Bamboo leaves are a good source of polyphenols that help in reducing the damage that the free radical cells cause to our body.

  • An Anti-inflammatory

Anti inflammatory, helps in decreasing swellings or inflammation in our body. Damage can be caused if there is inflammation in the body. It will pave the way for health issues such as heart diseases and even obesity. Taking bamboo tea on a daily basis will help in providing the right anti inflammatory for our body. The other risks that inflammation issues bring up are issues like asthma. You can even choose to have other nutritional foods that have anti inflammatory characteristics such as broccoli, berries and fatty fishes.

  • Helps in maintaining sugar level

Lowering blood sugar is easy when you consume bamboo tea on a regular basis. Those who have blood sugar level can depend upon bamboo tea for reducing their blood sugar and stay healthy. With high blood sugar, one can get diabetes. People with diabetes can rely on bamboo tea for reducing the risks of diabetes.

  • Helps to prevent free radicals

The unpaired electrons that are found in the body are called free radicals, which play a major role in damaging the cells of the body. For putting a check on the free radicals and to reduce the risks of cancer from the body, you can drink bamboo tea regularly.

Other Benefits of Drinking Bamboo Tea

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, bamboo tea does have innumerable benefits. It is used to heal cuts and wounds, helps to promote health of the skin, gives relief from stress, reduces menstrual pain, improves hair growth and gives strength to nails.
It can be made by adding the leaves to boiling water and then a small amount of honey will make it taste good. Consume it regularly for maintaining the health of your body and also for overall wellness.

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