Health & Nutritional Benefits of Acai Berries

Dr. Purushothaman
June 27, 2018

For a healthy living, one should include berries in their daily diet. Berries play a major role in building up the body’s immune system. Among berries, Acai berry is the one that is loaded with a whole lot of nutrients that are good for the body. Acai berry, a small grape like purple fruit is derived from the palm trees. These small, tasty berries are filled with nutrients and are a great addition to one’s daily diet. As commonly said, an Acai berries are rich in antioxidants and are known to be better than the super fruits like pomegranate and blueberries. However, one must be aware of the high nutritional value so that they can make the best use of it.

Nutritional facts about the Acai Berry

As stated earlier, the Acai berry is highly nutritional and a few health benefits are mentioned in the points below:

  • Acai berries are not only rich in antioxidants but also contain minerals, vitamins. These nutrients help fight diseases and keep the body healthy.

  • Acai berries are high in caloric value, but one must not refrain from consuming them fearing weight gain. These are good calories and rather help the body get fit and healthy.

  • The Acai berry has properties that help fight cancer cells. In addition, they are anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

  • The Acai berry pulp is known to have a good level of dietary fiber. Those who have a good level of dietary fiber, they excess cholesterol is easily removed through smooth bowel movements.

  • Acai berries also contain a substantial amount of minerals that are helpful for the body. It contains good levels of manganese, potassium, iron, magnesium and copper. As we know, potassium helps control blood pressure. With such high pressure work levels, it is rather important to consume potassium laden fruits to keep heart rates and blood pressure normal.

Acai berries are an important ingredient in medicines

Acai berries have been a vital ingredient in the ancient and traditional medicines. The amazons’ natives have shown their trust in the berries. The Acai berries are a common ingredient and are used as medicines to treat ailments like diarrhea, ulcers and hemorrhage. Nature has bestowed such amazing fruits upon us that have medicinal properties. In the Peruvian culture, the Acai roots are used for treatment of liver diseases, malaria and menstrual cramps.

Acai berries need immediate storage

The Acai berries are highly perishable and in order to get the complete health benefits, it is important to either consume them immediately or store them/process in factories. The factory processed berries have a long shelf life, but that does reduce the nutritional level to a certain extent. The frozen Acai berries are sold in the groceries, have the longest life, and can be consumed over the months. One must, however try to stick to the most natural form to enjoy the complete benefits for health.

Enjoy Acai berry drinks

The factory processed Acai berry powders and juices are sold extensively in the markets. These products are also well taken by consumers, as they are convenient. The ready to use products help one maintain a healthy eating schedule without having to invest a lot of time to it.

Safety Alert for sensitive people

Acai berry is found to be one of the safest fruit that can be consumed without any fear. It is loaded with lots of goodness. Since it comes under the safe zone, we find that the pregnant women in the Amazon basin consume it for good health. It does not have any kind of allergies or toxic substances that can harm the body.

Consume Acai berries and notice the health benefits in a few weeks. 

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