Health, Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Vajrasana Yoga

Benefits of Vajrasana Yoga

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2017

Vajrasana is not a new word for those who regularly practice yoga. But most of the common masses not familiar with yoga will not be aware of the word at all. Vajrasana is derived from the two Sanskrit words “Vajra” and “Asana”. The word Vajra denotes the Thunderbolt or the Diamond & the Sanskrit word Asana denotes posture.  Hence the word Vajrasana means “The Pose of the Thunderbolt” or “The pose of the diamond.” We can even trace the meaning of the word to something related to the genital organs too. Naadi is related to the genital organs. With the regular practice of Vajrasana pose, you will be able to strengthen the naadi, get the genital organs strengthened and thus we will be able to cure some of the problems related to genital organs.

There is yet another definition for the word Vajrasana. Vajram has yet another meaning, ‘cracked wood.’ It also means the process of cutting of the cracked wood with the help of weapons such as chisel or axe for making it into a polished product. Hence it also means to modify the body to something stronger and beautiful.

Vajrasana starts with sitting on the flat floor on a mattress. You need to fold the knees backwards and keep the thighs on the legs till the thighs and calves touch each other. You then need to lie on the floor till the ankles as well as knees give full support to the whole body. The heels are to be kept apart while the knees need to be closer to each other. The back, waist and the spine need to be in a straight position. Elbows are to be straight, eyes closed and breathing to be done in a slow and constant manner.

For the sleeping position you need to follow some steps. The left as well as the right elbow should be on the floor. The back should be bended and placed on the floor with the head. Knee joints have to be kept near and the hands should be folded and should be under the shoulder. The hands should be kept in the position of the head. Breathe in and out in a calm manner. Benefits of yoga are popularly known. Knowing more about Vajrasana will make you fall in love with yoga on the whole.

Major health benefits

Vajrasana gives you a lot of physical as well as mental benefits. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • Vajrasana helps to calm the mind and helps it to remain stable
  • It gives relaxation to the mind
  • It reduces nervousness that is always haunting you
  • It gives relief from stress
  • Gives your mind a meditative effect with slow and a very good rhythmic breathing
  • It gives flexibility to the body and tones your body.
  • It helps to provide a smooth blood flow, and distributes blood evenly all through the body
  • It helps in curing arthritis, sexual disorders and urinary problems
  • Cures varicose pains
  • Helps to purify the blood
  • Helps to strengthen the muscles as well as the nerves
  • Gives you a flat tummy
  • Gives strength to spine
  • Helps to vanish Myalgia in the knees, legs and toes
  • Helps to remove the sciatica pain
  • Vajrasana for Weight loss is a good option that is very much healthy for you
  • Helps in the process of digestion. It is able to prevent ulcers, gas problems, digestion problems, acidity as well as constipation.

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