Health and Mental Benefits of Playing Rugby

Benefits of Playing Rugby

Dr. Purushothaman
October 12, 2017

Rugby is a sport with an extremely high level of physical activity. It not only makes the players physically fit, but also mentally too. This is a British sport. Rugby is played on a 100 meter long field. The goal area has a length of 22 meters. There are 15 core players and a substitute set of eight players in a team of rugby players. The ball has to be brought to the goal line that is marked on the ground of the enemy side. This will help to gain a score. The players need to carry the ball to the enemy goal line of the opposite team. On the way to the goal line, obstacles created by the opposing players are to be faced by the other team. A good team work and sufficient skills for the game will help to win the game.

The game was developed in the 1800s in England. It is an international sport, and it is popular in Australia, Europe, America and South Africa. The sport is a great exercise and it gives the players stay fit and healthy.

Health benefits

Improves the mental health

Like any physical activity, Rugby too gives the participants greater involvement. The interaction with teammates and involving in the game in the right spirit will make the mind in a positive state. The mind will be gaining more benefit out of the physical activity that it gives the players.

Increases flexibility

To gain a flexible body would be the dream of any person. People who regularly indulge in rugby are able to gain flexibility and strength. As the game needs great co-ordination of the feet and the hands to change direction as well as speed, the body is subject to turning, twisting and running. This on the other hand, helps in increasing the body’s flexibility to a very large extent. Catching and throwing the rugby bain to the right direction actually increases the mind and hand coordination to a very large extent.

Helps to avoid heart diseases

Since physical activities are proven to reduce coronary heart diseases, playing rugby which is a game with high physical activity helps us to avoid the risks of heart diseases.

Helps to increase bone density

You will find that the bone density increases as you regularly indulge in playing the game of Rugby. It helps to stimulate the calcium deposition at the stress lines.

Better physical growth for small kids

Rugby is very much beneficial for growing kids. It helps them to increase their physical strength as well as other skills. They are able to develop confidence in life and are able to control their mind. Most important part is that children get to understand the importance of socializing. Playing the game allows them to understand themselves and their capabilities. This actually helps them to work on their weaknesses.

How to play the game of Rugby in a safe manner?

Rugby sport is very rough. The game is very much dangerous when played without taking into account any of the rules. For avoiding injury in the game, every player must follow the rules and have a good connection with the co-players. Wearing the right protective equipment too can help you avoid any kind of injury.

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