Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand

Headstand Yoga

Dr. Purushothaman
May 29, 2017

Yoga and its benefits are known to almost everyone living in this world. Though many people love doing hard core workout sessions daily, a majority of the people are great lovers of yoga. Yoga came into existence from around 5000 years back. It can be seen that Yoga a lot of benefits than the regular workout and gym sessions. Some of the schools around the world make it a point to teach Yoga to their students for providing them mental as well as physical benefits.

A popular form of yoga is the Headstand Yoga. This is also popular as ‘the King of All The Asanas,’ as it has a lot of health benefits to its credit. While practicing the Headstand Yoga, the body speeds up the blood circulation, and the brain will receive a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood. Modern lifestyle is very much defective as we lack the right exercise. Such a lifestyle will lead to varicose veins, hemorrhoids and defects to the organs of the body. Sirsasana or the headstand yoga, is the best method of fighting against the unnatural lifestyle that we are following these days. The asana includes lying, sitting as well as standing postures. While practicing this yoga, we have less stress level and an improved breathing rate.

Following are the area targeted by Headstand Yoga and its benefits

1. Relieves Stress

Headstand Yoga benefits stress related issues. Headstand is known as a cooling posture, meaning that it helps you to draw your attention inwards. This posture is extremely helpful if you are having anxiety and stress.

2. Increases Focus

While turning upside down in Sirsasana, there is an increased blood flow to the brain. This can help to improve mental function and increase your sense of focus. It also helps to reduce fear and worry.

3. Improves Blood Flow to the Eyes

When you are in an upside position, the body sends extra oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the head, and that means more will be getting to your eyes. This can help to prevent macular degeneration and other eye issues.

4. Relief from Headache and Migraine

Yoga headstand can help in preventing as well as curing migraine and headache to a very large extent. Consuming unnecessary pills for headache can be avoided if you regularly practice Sirsasana. The head stand position actually increases the blood flow, resulting in more of the oxygenated blood reach out to all parts of the body. Such a procedure will help in reducing a lot of aches and pains.

5. Strengthens Shoulders and Arms

While you are holding yourself up in headstand, you are pushing down into the ground with your forearms, making use of the strength of your arms, shoulders and back for keeping the pressure off your head and neck. This is a great posture for improving upper body strength.

6. Improves Digestion

When you allow the effects of gravity to be reversed on your digestive organs, you will help to move the materials that are stuck, release the trapped gasses, as well as improve blood flow to the all-important digestive organs — increasing nutrient absorption and delivery to your cells. Again, if you combine headstand with focused belly breathing you will be able to double the benefit

7. Develops Strength in the Core Muscles

Headstand is a major core workout. You will rely on your core strength to hold your legs up and keep your balance throughout the pose. Having a strong core will help you to be more durable. It also makes us less prone to injury. In short, Yoga exercises like the headstand can give you a whole lot of benefits that you cannot even imagine.

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