Health Benefits of Ginger-Honey Mixture

Ginger-Honey Mixture

Dr. Purushothaman
April 20, 2017

Health Benefits of Ginger-Honey Mixture

As children, we all were familiar with our grandmothers’ home remedies for curing cough and cold. These were actually harmless and perfectly safe for the body. Ginger and honey rated in the top list among the ingredients that were used for such natural treatments.

Right from time immemorial, humans have been making use of natural ingredients for the purpose of healing various illnesses and also for curing diseases without any kind of side effects. The goodness of the Ginger was not a secret for the people of the early ages. They used it as a medicine to cure cough, cold, acidity and what not. Even to this day, Ginger is popular as a medicine apart from its culinary uses.
The Scientific name of this wonderful herb is Zingiber Offcinale. Ginger is a good storehouse of rich chemical components that actually were helpful in healing purposes and a lot of research activities were done based on the herb. Ginger is an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. But when added with Honey, the benefits became multitude.

Ginger-Honey as an Antimicrobial
The mixture of Ginger and honey is an effective antimicrobial. It helps in preventing problems related to teeth. While Ginger is popular as a herb with lots of benefits, honey is popular as a wonder medicine that helps in treating wounds as well as ulcers. Many studies show that honey can be used for treating bacterial gastro enterisis as well as infections of the eye.

Anti Inflammatory qualities
Ginger is actually a root and it has oily resins, which actually makes this herb an anti-inflammatory. Honey has in it antibiotics that help in healing inflammation. Healing a joint ache or a muscle pain is possible while consuming the ginger-honey mixture on a regular basis. Moreover, it can affect the inflammatory activities of the cells of the body too. Treating chronic inflammation is also possible with this mixture. Healing of Osteoarthritis is to an extent possible through the consumption of this mixture.

Treating Menstrual problems
Menstrual cramps and pains can be a real disaster for women. Menstrual pain can be reduced with the consumption of ginger-honey mixture.

Treating Migraine as well as Joint problems
Migraine is a really disturbing problem to the person who is affected. The happy news is that it does have treatment and that too with natural ingredients. Ginger-Honey mixture is a good medicine for Migraine, and this was known right from ancient times. It not only helps in healing migraine, but also helps for the better functioning of the brain.

Prevents Stroke
One of the most dangerous diseases that has been faced by people all round the world is Stroke. Research as well as studies conducted on how ginger-honey combination can help in preventing stroke does give us positive results. Ginger has anti clotting abilities that will help in preventing stroke to an extent.

Prevents Respiratory problems
Consumption of ginger-honey mixture helps in healing cold, sore throat and cough. Moreover, this mixture helps to prevent respiratory problems too.

Builds up Immune system
Consuming ginger-honey as a beverage every day will increase the immunity of the body. This mixture can increase the number of white blood cells in the blood, thereby resulting in the boost of the immune System.

Side Effects of Ginger Honey mix
Ginger is popular for its vitamins that are very much helpful for our health. On the other hand, consuming over dose of the mixture can cause a lot of problems like gastritis, soreness in the mouth and throat and stomach pain. Consumption of this mixture should henceforth be done after consulting your doctor .

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