Health Benefits of Ginger For Diabetes

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2019

Ginger a plant, a tropical plant or can say an herbal plant which has a thick tuberous rhizome and has lots of benefits for the human body including the effect of a certain disease such as diabetes. There are many health benefits, especially when it comes to the serious disease known as diabetes. It is one disease which has been spread worldwide and becomes an epidemic nowadays. People tend to suffer from diabetes; most of them are type 2, because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Ginger is an erect stemmed perennial plant which has a height of 60 cm from the rhizome. Ginger plant has elongated leaves with 15 – 30 cm long and the rhizome has a pungent and aromatic odor and taste.
Diabetes is common these days all round the due to unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, depression, day to day pressures of life and anxiety. A study reported that 382 million people in the world suffer from diabetes in 2013 and the number will keep increasing until it reaches 592 million numbers in 2035. Most cases of diabetes or almost 85% of people who suffer from diabetes are made up of the type 2 diabetes and the other 15% attributes to gestational diabetes. Healthy eating habits should be performed when it comes to age and it's the time when your health matters the most.
Diabetes is categorized as a metabolic disorder which signed by hyperglycemia conditions that caused by insulin resistance and low level of insulin. Usually people treat diabetes with various drugs for their hyperglycemic conditions as shown below:

  • Dipeptidyl-peptidase 4
  • Incretin
  • Thiazolidinedione
  • Sulfonylurea

That improves the secretion of insulin and reduces insulin resistance. A chemical drug has a significant effect on the body, but it also raises some side effect that may harm other organs such as a kidney. To minimize its side effect people started taking herbal medicines. Herbal medication helps them in living a healthy lifestyle. Some herbal plant is believed to have numerous health effects and can help to cure diabetes by their photochemical including ginger. Ginger contains a bunch of photochemical which acts as an active substance such as gingerol, zingerone, paradol and schools also other volatile oils such as sesquiterpenes, b-bisabolene, geranial, and neral. Ginger is commonly used in many cuisines, especially Asian.

Helps to keep blood sugar level normal

A study, which conducted in more than 30 days with some diabetes patients shows that after therapeutic treatment with ginger, they experienced lower blood sugar level and this lead to maintain normal blood sugar level. The effect of ginger in lowering blood sugar level is may be conducted with the inhibition of hepatic phosphorylase, which known as an enzyme that breaks down glycogen (glucose storage molecule) into glucose. If glycogen breaks down into glucose, blood sugar level in the body will also rise.

Will improve glucose tolerance

Mechanism of keeping blood sugar in diabetes patient has been studied by some researches and they found the photochemical brought by ginger facilitated the glucose metabolism and improve glucose tolerance in the body.

Insulin resistance reduction

Insulin resistance level can be reduced by more than 10% by the supplementation of Ginger. It is also suggested by those scientists that diabetes people better consume about 3 g of ginger supplements every day for 8 weeks more to get the benefits.

Secretes increased level of insulin

Ginger extract can increase the level of insulin secretion by interacting with serotonin receptor. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain, which plays an important role in promoting pancreatic cells to produce insulin.

Increases the level of hemoglobin

Consumption of Hemoglobin will help in increasing the level of hemoglobin. This is very much helpful for people suffering from diabetes. Hemoglobin helps in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of the body. With a higher level of hemoglobin, the body is able to provide in a quicker manner to provide nutrition and supplies sufficient sugar to those areas where energy is needed the most.

Helps in improving the function of the liver

Those affected with diabetes usually have bigger chances of liver disease. When affected with fatty liver diseases, the functions of the liver get affected by the extra fat that is found on the surface of the liver. This can create a lot of serious health issues. One such health problem is the Cirrhosis. With the consumption of ginger juice, one will be able to get a healthier liver, thus decreasing the chances of developing fatty liver disease.
In short, the consuming Ginger extract can help in reducing diabetes in those affected. We thus come to the conclusion that for staying healthy, it is essential to eat healthy too.

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