Health Benefits of Drinking Rainwater

Dr. Purushothaman
March 11, 2020

Water is an essential factor that is needed to sustain life on earth. Water covers the major part of the earth, but pure water is only found in rivers, streams and ponds which are only a small part. Rainwater is the best and the purest form of water we can get. Drinking rain water has its own wonderful health benefits. In many parts of the world where drinking water is not available, people prefer to drink rainwater. In Asia and Africa, people use brackish wells or rivers for bathing and they prefer to drink and cook in rain water that is collected in containers.

Studies show that the safest and the purest form of water is rain water if it is collected in the right clean utensils and if it is filtered the right way. But if we plan to consume rain water alone for survival, we need to add minerals to it as it does not contain any minerals in it.
It is usually believed that rain water can make us sick if we walk under the rain. The real reason why we fall sick while under the rain is because of the temperature of the climate, especially in subtropical countries or at places near the mountain ranges.

Some of the Benefits of Drinking Rainwater

1. Alkaline pH content

Rain water is very pure. It has the same pH as the distilled water and Reverse Osmosis or RO water. It is known that water with alkaline content is very good for the health as it promotes in detoxification as well makes our digestive system healthy. Similar to alkaline water, rainwater makes the blood pH of our body neutralize. The blood pH is reduced with the help of the toxins as well as free radicals present in the body. This makes it very acidic. While consuming rain water or even alkaline water, the blood pH is neutralized and helps in making our body work in a very effective manner.

2. Absence of Chlorine and Fluoride

In order to kill the germs in the tap water, Chloride is added. Fluoride on the other hand is naturally obtained from the soil. Certain developing countries make use of chlorine as an antiseptic in tap water, as it not very expensive. At times, the chlorine content in the water is so high that we do get the smell of it while drinking. Drinking water along with fluoride and chlorine is not good for the health. It can cause issues like gastritis; headache and it can also damage the internal organs as chlorine has corrosive effects on them.

3. It is anti-cancerous

The rain water has an alkaline pH in it, which helps to get rid of cancer cells. This water is a great neutralizer of our blood as well as cells of the body. This is the reason why rain water is called an antioxidant. Cancer patients are recommended to drink rain water in large numbers. Rain water of the first monsoons is said to have a lot of health benefits. If rainwater is not available in your area, you can opt of spring water too.

4. As a treatment for stomach issues

As per the Indian Ayurveda, it is very essential to drink two or three tablespoons of rain water before consuming anything every morning. This helps in neutralizing the stomach acid and helps in soothing the stomach mucosa.

5. Helps in the growth of healthy hair

Washing hair with rain water is very good for its growth and strength. Hair needs mild and natural water. While washing hair with rain water, alkaline pH helps in the growth of the hair. The acidic pH actually does a lot of damage to the follicle and hair keratins, making it very brittle. Rain water wash on the other hand makes the hair stronger.

6. Makes your skin healthy

The rain water shower will make our skin look youthful and beautiful. The alkaline pH in rainwater helps the skin to maintain the moisture for long and it helps in the elasticity of the skin. Moreover, it can make our mind calm and fresh after a day full of heavy workload.

7. Helps in preventing boils and acne

Washing your face with rain water can cleanse it effectively. It washes away the bacteria that help in causing boil and acne on the skin.

8. Rainwater- A great boon for all

Rain water and its health benefits are described in the article in a deep way. We can also make use of rain water in lots of other ways in our day to day use. Conserving rainwater for future is very essential as we can make use of this water for watering the plants in the garden, wash our vehicles with it and even store it in large tanks for our day to day activities. Conservation of rain water is very essential as we must understand the importance of water in our lives and must take major steps to prevent wastage of water in any form. Thus living in wellbeing is possible when we respect nature and its resources.

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