Health benefits of Ceragem Therapy for Weight Loss

Dr. Purushothaman
December 19, 2018

Ceragem Therapy, a popular therapy with its root in Korea, borrows its name from a Korean company set up in 1998 manufacturing different types of medical equipments with its headquarters in Cheonan. The company alongside manufacturing healthy living products, blood glucose monitor, cosmetics, skin care device also introduced an automatic thermal massager called Ceragem Therapy for the first time. Its business is well stretched in 70 countries with nearly 3000 centers. This therapy was primarily inspired by Chuna therapy of China and aims at four points- moxibustion, massage, thermal therapy, finger massage to offer a physical health benefit. The machine offers a respite of moxibustion through the thermal therapy and that of massage through finger pressure.
The majority of us suffer from chronic arthritis of the joints that usually causes a lot of difficulty for us to lead a normal life. It is extremely difficult for us to live our lives normally forgetting the pain that we experience. This will only increase the pain and cause more damage to the body. Treating it the right way will always help in reducing the pain and getting the body ready for facing day to day activities without any trouble. Ceragem Therapy can act as a life saver for many of us who are suffering from arthritis and similar kind of diseases that can stop us from actively indulging our life's duties.

How it works

The therapy works by clubbing the traditional techniques of Eastern with the modern and developed technologies so as to achieve a great device that can soothe your tired body just by one click. Epoxy carbon and Jade panels are attached to the massager and emit far infrared rays to produce heat which is similar to the body heat for relaxing and relieving the body. Presently, it is of three types- folding, manual and automatic. This is actually an expensive option and so, the centre offers free trials for the people who are interested in the product. It can be used by most of the people, but certain directions are there. If you are quite eager about this product, you can consult your doctor to get some precious medical tips on whether or not to utilize this amazing facility.

Directions of use

  • People with low stamina, osteoporosis, heat-sensitivity, diabetes, skin problem etc. and who are pregnant or have just encountered an operation should not opt for this device. However, one can try this therapy post three months of surgery.
  • Children should use this under proper supervision while setting the appropriate temperature for them.
  • Each and every massager comes with manuals which help you to use it accordingly.
  • The company suggests using this device twice daily in the morning and in the evening. It uses very little power so that can be done easily.
  • You should not use the device when you have an empty stomach or when it is very full.
  • You should be careful enough not to fall asleep in the massager for a long time, as you can suffer back burns or muscle strains in neck, shoulders or backs.


It can perform multiple tasks like:

  • Relieving muscle pain and stress
  • Promoting blood circulation
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Correcting body posture
  • Relieving muscle stiffness
  • Easing aches related to arthritis
  • Promoting deep sleep

Side effects of Ceragem

Ceragem treatment has always been affected by negative reviews. Since majority of people who make use of Ceragem need an overnight treatment, which is not possible. Reports of negative reviews on ceragem thermal massager are brittle bones and even dizziness, even though these might sound exaggerating. But the first thing one need to do before taking a Ceragem treatment is to consult a health expert and clear any kind of doubts related to the treatment.


Indeed the Ceragem thermal massager is a great invention which although can’t work magic over-night is good enough to offer manifold benefits if you use it on a regular basis. So, for living a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat healthily, follow a proper routine and pamper yourself with this massage therapy once in a while. You will surely enjoy your health!

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