Health Benefits of Apricots

Dr. Purushothaman
August 15, 2018

Apricots are a delicacy and a favorite in the summer months. The beautiful golden-orange sweet fruit not only tastes great, but also comes with many essential nutrients that benefit the body in a variety of ways. Apricots are of Asian origin, but are used extensively in all parts of the world. The sweet nectar and taste makes them highly used in making desserts and are an integral part of the cosmetic industry. The brands use apricots in manufacturing body and face washes, as they are known to clear the skin and make them supple and smooth. Follow quick health tips for a fast metabolism and fit lifestyle.

Benefits of apricot fruit

The varieties of benefits that apricots offer are mentioned in the following points:

  • The apricot fruit is packed with Vitamin-A. One apricot a day can provide the body with the required levels of this essential vitamin. The lack of vitamin A can lead to health issues and that is undesirable for people at any age.

  • Apricots are low in calories, are great for weight loss as the fruits tastes delicious, and can help one feeling full for longer. Along with this, they are high in dietary fiber and that makes to be another reason why one must consume apricots often.

  • Along with Vitamin-A, apricots also contain high levels of Vitamin-C and that helps in equipping the body to fight from infectious agents and prevent them from entering the body.

  • Apricots are good for the heart as they contain high levels of fiber. Fiber helps fight cholesterol that helps in reducing heart diseases. The potassium levels also help regulate and balance the heart health.

  • The apricots are also commonly known as the treasure chest for antioxidants. We must consume foods that are rich in antioxidants in order keep our overall health balanced and steady.

  • Apricots ensure good skin and hair. Apricots are highly used in the beauty industry, as they are known for their properties that help maintain the glow of the skin and help in removing the blemishes and acne scars.

  • Apricots are rich in calcium and that helps strengthen the bones. Women mostly have calcium deficiency and it is important that they consume apricots on a daily basis.

  • Apricots are great for the metabolism and it helps in fast digestion, a good digestive system helps keep the body feeling strong and healthy.

Enjoy apricots in many ways

One can enjoy this wonderful fruits in multiple ways to extract its health benefits. Apart from enjoying the raw fruits, one can even cut the slices and store them. The dried apricots are equally tasty and have a longer shelf life. Those who cannot eat the raw fruits, they can even buy the apricots jams and marmalades. The apricot fruit is best consumed during the breakfast as then it helps with digestion. Apricots also provide energy to go on for the day.

Precautionary measures to be taken before consuming Apricot

Like any other fruits, farmers make sure to prevent pests from entering and eating apricots right when they are in the growing stage. It can be seen that even dried apricots are not safe to eat directly. The dried apricots are usually bleached with the help of sulfite gas so as to prevent oxidation. By doing so the shelf life increases and so this procedure is encouraged to a very large extent. People who are extremely sensitive people like those suffering from asthma should avoid bleached apricots as they will be affected by acute bronchospasm. For such the sulfite sensitive people, care should be taken while choosing dry apricots. Pick those which are unsulfured. The easiest way to find unsulfured apricots is to look for those brown colored dry ones.
Eat apricots and follow the healthy tips for good health.

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