Health Benefits of Jumping, Skipping Rope Exercise

health benefits skipping rope

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2017

Jumping rope or skipping rope is loved by children as well as adults. All you need to play with the jumping rope is a lot of space and a bit of stamina. There are a variety of methods to jump with the rope such as plain jumping, speed step, side swing, leg over, criss-cross jumping, double under and lots more. The one thing that we forget while skipping is that it gives a lot of health benefits to the person engaged in it. The many jump rope results are mentioned below.

People who are planning to be hale and healthy and who want to be in good shape can always depend on jumping rope activity. Since this activity gives a lot of benefits, most people have included jump rope in their exercise regime.

The benefits you gain out of jumping rope

Calorie burning

One of the major health benefits of jumping rope is burning calories. Losing a few pounds is easier with jumping rope activity. This is a very simple activity that helps in burning out around 250 calories in just fifteen to twenty minutes. Losing weight is possible if this activity is regularly done on a daily basis. Skipping also helps to produce Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC, which is actually a very essential factor the helps in the burning of calories soon after doing an exercise.

Helps to get the perfect ABS

Jumping rope helps in losing the extra pounds you have. Moreover, it also helps in building muscles of the lower body part, particularly the legs. While doing the activity for the first time, it is quite natural to get a body ache. This is caused by the muscle tearing. This can be regulated on the consumption of protein. Muscles will soon become stronger soon.

Gives a full body workout

Jumping rope will give you the privilege of full body workout, as each and every part of the body moves uniformly while performing the task. Calories are burnt evenly. This will build up strength and gradually gives flexibility to the body. This in short can be called as a full body workout.

The perfect Cardio workout

Blood flow in the body is made perfect while doing the jumping rope reps. It also helps in building as well as strengthening the skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and other types of muscles in the body. But it would be better if you would consult your doctor and check your medical condition before starting with a regular jumping rope workout session.

Will help in maintaining the perfect lymphatic system

For the purpose of detoxifying the body from the wastes as well as toxins from it, an essential lymphatic system is very essential. Lymphatic system works on the movement as well as contraction of the muscles for the purpose of circulation all through the body. When you take up jumping rope activity, you get a complete exercise for the muscles, helping the lymphatic system to move through the body.

Other major benefits

Jumping rope builds muscles, provides bone density, decreases the risk of getting leg injuries, helps to keep the body warm, provides a perfect healthy skin, improves coordination, gives more brain power and helps you to stay focused and calm.

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