Health and Nutritional Benefits of Star Fruit

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2022

Eating fruits can be boring if we choose to eat the same ones every day. It is a boon that we have a variety of fruits available that will give us a whole lot of nutrition as well as variety to our taste buds. Star fruit is one fruit that is gaining popularity these days due to its exotic taste and the long list of health benefits that it offers us.

Star fruit is also known as carambola. It is a fruit that has a sweet and sour taste and has the shape of a star when cut horizontally. The skin of the fruit is edible. The flesh is very soft and has a sour taste. It is used in many dishes in several cuisines around the world. The fruit can be yellow or green colored. There are two types of fruits-one that are small which is sour and the large type of star fruit is very sweet.

Some of the benefits of the Fruit

  • As a rich source of vitamin C

The daily need for your body’s need for Vitamin C can be fulfilled by having a single star fruit a day. It also has Vitamin B5 which is essential for the body’s regular functioning. Both Vitamin C and B5 are essential for providing lots of positive effects on the body’s health and wellness. Some of the benefits of both these vitamins are that they provide antioxidant properties, provide healthy skin, give lustrous hair, and thick nails, boost the immune system, help in the intake of calcium, and also help the body to absorb iron content essential for the body.

  • As an anti-inflammatory

The fruit is rich in Polyphenols. Anti-inflammatory processes are boosted as a result thus helping in repairing damaged cells in the body. Polyphenols help in increasing insulin sensitivity and also help in reducing the risks of getting heart diseases.

  • Helps in boosting digestion and acts as antidiarrheal

Star fruit that is ripe has anti-diarrheal effects. Thus it helps in curing stomach diseases. It has been used by our ancestors as a medicine long back. You can increase your appetite if you have star fruit every day.

  • Is low in calorie

Carambola or star fruit has fewer amounts of calories and has a rich amount of dietary fiber in it. People who have diabetes can have fruit as a method of controlling their calorie intake.

  • As a rich source of dietary fiber

Since carambola has rich fiber content, and since it has less amount fruit sugars, it helps in bringing down the blood sugar level. The majority of the carbohydrate content found in star fruit is from the fiber present in it. When you plan to eat a diet filled with dietary fiber, you are able to keep your digestive system healthy.

Side effects

Though star fruit is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, some people tend to have adverse effects as a result of the high oxalate content present in it. Henceforth people suffering from kidney problems need to avoid star fruit as well as its juice. Make sure to have a talk with your doctor before even trying the fruit.

People suffering from kidney problems can get kidney damage as a result of the toxic substances present in the fruit. It may result in neurological problems like seizures, confusion, and even death. Those who are taking prescribed medicines should be careful not to have star fruit at any cost. The fruit can change the way a particular drug is broken down and made use, by the body.

How to eat the fruit?

Prepare the fruit before consuming it. Choose ripe ones, mostly yellow with green shades. Wash the fruit well under running water. Cut the ends and the sharp sides. Remove the seeds and relish the tasty fruit.

You can use it in salads; add in puddings, pies, jams, jellies, or curries. Juicing it up too makes it a wonderful beverage that is healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

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