Health and Nutritional Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf Tea

Dr. Purushothaman
February 12, 2020

Eating healthy is one of the ways which helps us to stay strong and resistant to all diseases. Breadfruit leaf tea has a lot of benefits. It is good for a healthy reproductive system.

Breadfruit is a plant that is found in large numbers in tropical countries that has high rainfall. It is a native of Indonesia as well as Polynesia. With the migration of the Austronesian tribes, breadfruit found its way to Pacific islands. The European colonization was the reason why it reached Asia and Latin America.

The people of the Pacific Islands use Breadfruit as their main source of carbohydrate. The fruit is good to make fritters and cakes, if they are ripe. Unripe ones are best for making chips. The fruit is used to make curry in countries like Sri Lanka and India. The leaf of Breadfruit is also good for our health and has a lot of benefits. The tender leaves of breadfruit tree are used as vegetable. It can be eaten raw or added to curry to be cooked. It is also a good livestock food. The leaves can be used to make tea for the purpose of curing a lot of diseases.

The leaves of Breadfruit have Kalium in it. It helps in diluting the kidney stones through urine. A lot of other compounds in breadfruit are beneficial to the body. These include riboflavin, amino acids, tannin, hydrocyanate, polyphenols and acetylcholine. As per the researches conducted in China show that the leaf of breadfruit is very effective in healing cardiovascular diseases.

Some of the Benefits of Breadfruit Leaf

Treatment for Kidney Failure

Failure of the kidney is a real frightening one. Those who have kidney failure need to do hemodialysis on a regular basis, either within 2 weeks or sometimes everyday as per the seriousness of the disease. The patient undergoing hemodialysis has to face some of the side effects such as infection, fatigue, hypotension and sepsis. These side effects make the patient unwilling to go for dialysis. Studies show that breadfruit leaf tea is good for stabilizing the work of the kidney, as it acts as diuretics. Those with kidney failure need to consume this tea for several months until their kidney functions become normal.

Helps to Lower the Level of Cholesterol

Increase in cholesterol level results due to the consumption of saturated fats as well as Trans fats. Usually such fats take from the meat, especially beef tenderloin, fat found under the skin of poultry and even vegetable oil. Too much cholesterol is not taken by the body for any use. Instead, these will get accumulated in the blood. This situation, when continued for a long time will cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Cholesterol is bad for health as it sticks onto the blood vessels.
Breadfruit tea consumption helps in lowering the level of cholesterol. It eliminates the cholesterol from the blood through stool and urine.

Helps to Lower Heart Diseases

People living in Jamaica make it a point to drink breadfruit tea on a regular basis for the purpose of preventing heart diseases. Usually heart diseases are caused as a result of diabetes, hypertension or even kidney failure. Plaques are formed in the blood vessels known as atherosclerosis in blood vessels. For the purpose of preventing as well as decreasing the possibilities of heart disease, consumption of breadfruit leaf tea is very essential. Breadfruit leaf has all the essential components that can make the blood pressure normal. It also helps in promoting good blood stream. In short, we are able to maintain a healthy heart by consuming breadfruit leaf tea.

Reduces the Growth of Cancer Cells

The real reason for cancer is the damage that has been caused to the healthy cells by the free radicals. The result will be a mutation of the healthy cells and ultimately result to be cancerous. The peculiarity of cancer cells is that it can affect any organ of the body and it also has the ability to spread to other organs. As it is said, prevention is better than cure; consuming breadleaf tea will help in reducing the risk of cancer. This tea helps in overcoming cancers.

Reduction of Uric Acid

Uric acid in large amount can make our body become weak. With excess uric acid in the body, there are probabilities of getting gout, arthritis that can lead to disability. Usually this condition is seen in aged people. It is often accompanied by other diseases like hypertension, stroke as well as diabetes. We can reduce the uric acid in the body with the help of breadfruit leaf tea. Since it has anti-inflammation properties, it is extremely good for reducing the joint inflammation.

What to Avoid

Staying healthy is not very easy in today’s world of fast food. Consuming breadfruit leaf tea is good for health. But it too has its own side effects. Hence, care should be taken while entering into such a therapy. The most important thing you need to do while consuming breadfruit leaf tea is to avoid high content purine foods such as beans, Asian spinach, nuts and red meat. Taking better care of your body can help you stay fit and fine for a lifetime.

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