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Dr. Purushothaman
August 11, 2014

I have seen the movie The Secret at least 100 times I am sure -probably closer to 150 had I kept track! Never did I put together Dr. Ben Johnson's personal acquaintance with healing the body of illness/injury and disease until I began researching his story. As it turns out -he healed himself of Lou Gehrig's disease.

For those of you not familiar with this illness let me first explain its complexities and inform you that there is said to be no cure! The real name for the disease is sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or (sALS) but it also known as ALS. It is a progressive neuromuscular disease that attacks the motor nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord -thus leading to muscular atrophy -causing the muscles to waste away. The reference to Lou Gehrig is that he was a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame who played for the New York Yankees from 1923-1939 who contracted the illness and died from the disease on June 2nd 1941 in Riverdale New York.
Because of his celebrity and his reported good nature it has come to be known as the disease that took his life -hence the attachment to his name.Dr. Ben Johnson was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and it is safe to say that had he not been lead to a series of techniques that have come to be known as the Healing Codes discovered by a gentleman by the name of Dr. Alex Lloyd -Ben Johnson would probably have died from his disorder.

He used this process to not only rid himself of his affliction -but because of his own personal and miraculous recovery he began to train his entire staff at his Cancer Clinic in Atlanta, the very same principles behind this method of healing energy that he used to rid his body of ALS -so as to further assist his patients in their own contributions to meet their ailment with a sense of empowerment vs. a sense of fear and dread! A few years ago the woman whom I referred to as "Mother" was stricken with a devastating form of cancer that is so rare the doctors didn't know what else to do except to give their all with Chemo and Radiation -in the end my hearts mothers was taken from us and I will never get to hear her voice, hold her close or see her again but the courage she showed throughout that battle was invaluable to me in my own life. I was not her biological offspring -yet she treated me as though I were and to hear that there are alternative resources out there that can be used in union with medicine as it is practiced in this country does my heart good.

The body is designed to ward off illness -however, stress and negative thoughts and emotion can really breakdown the efficiency of the body's natural ability to repair and rejuvenate itself as well. That science is now investigating the power of the healing energy found within the human mind and producing various alternative options is a sign of the open-minded approach that focusing ones thoughts on recovery has to offer both doctor and patient alliance-based relationships! There must be something to all this because the 3 stories in The Secret that tell of healing and recovery simply cannot be dismissed as luck or mere coincidence i.e. Healing: (Cancer -Cathy Goodman's Illness.) -Recovery: (Morris E. Goodman's mending after his horrendous plane crash.) and now as we have discovered in this article -Dr. Ben's Cure of ALS! I appreciate that in Dr. DeMartini's commentary in The Secret he explains how Doctors and Medicine are not to be dismissed -but instead encouraged with the use of mental fortitude and sound medical practice - I hope people are catching that little piece because if we are wise these resources are all a great shield to deflect and even defeat disease and illness. The Healing Codes are being used to give people insight to healing and if you Google info on it you can further explore it' philosophies as well. Or you can pave your own way to other solutions and means of recovery if you or someone you love is dealing with disease.
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