Happiness ideas

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


My ideas and thoughts on how to be happy.
Happiness is in your mind.
Many say about what makes them happy : 'Happiness is a cigar called.....' 'When I touch you I feel happy' 'I am H-A-P-P-Y only when I laugh' etc.
Life is full of sadness and suffering. We cry as soon as we are born. Survival is a struggle. We endure loss, bereavement, illnesses, accidents etc. You need a 'reason' to be happy. You may be sad without any apparent reason.
( When you want something to God, if he gives, he will give you not only that but more than what you wanted, including good and bad. He gives life and gives death as well, happiness with sadness, light with darkness etc)
Here are some ways one can be happy :
1. Believe in God (it helps). Depend on him. Do the right thing. God will decide what result you will get. (I am not a preacher but I find it useful)
2. Get detached. The world is an illusion. Everything is perishable. Man is mortal.
3. Know yourself - you are part of God as are all the living beings.

4. Meditate everyday if possible. At least once a day sit down, shut your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes. Stop thinking. If you can't, at least think 'I won't think anything'.
5. Stop worrying. Things will happen. We have very little control over it. Make sure you do the right thing.(...whatever will be, will be...). If there is a problem, try to solve. If you can solve it, you don't need to worry. If you cannot solve it, there is no point worrying about it. Do as best as you can.
6. Believe in others. Now-a-days it has become difficult as there are so many greedy people around (Rogue traders etc). Assume all to be good unless it proves otherwise.
7. We all have our good side and bad side. Try to see the good side of others.
8. Whatever happens, look at the bright side. It may have happened for your good. 'God is good'.
9. Be an optimist. See the glass of water as 'half full' and not 'half empty'.
10. See and enjoy what you 'have'. Don't be sad because of what you don't have.

11. Do not aim too high, know your limits. Everybody cannot have or achieve everything.
12. Think about the others. There are millions in the world worse off than you are. Some struggle to feed themselves, some struggle to remain alive even if whatever happening are not due to their own fault.
13. If you are cheated or something is stolen or lost - think that it was not yours, his necessity was more than yours.
14. To be happy, you don't need a lot of money. Otherwise all the rich people would have been the happiest. Happiness threshold increases with increase in wealth. You need to become richer to be happy and there is no end to it.

15. Be happy to wake up in the morning to enjoy the beautiful world.
16. Don't look for excitement everyday. That way you become resistant to be happy. You need stronger and stronger excitement to get the kick.
17. Knowing that you can afford to buy something, will make you feel happy.Relish the feeling before you actually buy it. Once you bought it, you enjoy it to the full before you buy another item.
18. Don't keep a debt. Repay it. Don't take any loans. Buy only when you do have enough cash. Exception will probably be your home. Take an affordable mortgage. Do not compete with anyone. There is no end to it! Put a limit on how much you want, according to your means. A debtless person is more happy than a person with debt.
19. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be happy. The sources of joy are all around you. You just need to have the 'eye' to see it. Look at your garden, watch flowers, birds, sky and all.
20. Make someone happy and you will feel happy too.
You need a healthy body to have a healthy mind to be happy. Otherwise your mind will be preoccupied with your bad health. Adopt a healthy lifestyle as far as practicable.
Wish you all a happy and enjoyable life.

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