Habits and how successful people harness its power

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


One thing I can guarantee that you will find with all of the world's most successful people is really positive and healthy habits. Your habits really are what define you as a person and define the results you get in life. You can always look at someone's habits and tell if they are going to become successful or not, success in life really is as simple as the habits you have in your life.
Now that we understand the power of habits, it is time to look at how some of the most successful people in the world use habits to their advantage. You can use these people as your role models and to model your own positive and healthy habits. In this article I will get into what these successful people do so differently than other people.
First of all these people understand that even though motivating yourself and changing your state can be really effective ways of working towards success, the foundation of all success is to control your habits at all times. These people use habits the same way a highly optimized factory would create their assembly line. Their habits are constantly being improved and adjusted so they fit their needs and goals perfectly, but they keep their base structure of constant action at all times.
First of all the look at the goals they are trying to achieve, after they have done this they make sure that their goals all have deadlines for when they need to be completed. Then they move onto the next step which is finding out how other people with the same goals have reached that goal, they look at these other people's rituals and adjust and redesign them so they fit their own needs perfectly.
Now they have created the perfect set of habits. They immediately start taking action and implementing these habits into their lives. They do this because they know that their habits are not fully perfected yet and that they can only be perfected through trial and error.
For the next couple weeks they constantly adjust their habits until they find the perfect formula that is going to help them reach their goals. While they are adjusting and tweaking they are still getting results and training their brain to accept this new habit as something that has to be done for a long time until the desired goal is reached.
Implement these techniques in your own life and reap the benefits of having great habits.

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