Guidelines to pursue a career in Law

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013


Many students think that a career as lawyer is very exciting and pursue the career without knowing anything about it. It is best to know exactly what the demands of the career are, whether it will be worth pursuing for the particular person, whether the interest will be a sustained one, to become the best in the field.

The best thing would be, to first obtain the guidance of a career counselor. The counselor will be able to give you an idea of what the career demands, the opportunities available and the necessary prerequisites for getting into a career in law. You can also observe other lawyers, go to the court and observe the way they fight a case and their general knowledge about all the matters pertaining to law. With this understanding, you can assess yourself and judge whether you have the qualities, the knowledge, the skill required to become a lawyer. You can then decide to go to law school and pursue a career in law.

The main qualities required are:
You should have an above average capability in the basic learning skills such as reading, writing, speaking, listening and analysis. These skills will help you to read your subject with great understanding, write all the details about the various cases, speak and express your views when fighting a case, listen patiently to other people's opinions and analyze any situation that arise in the course of a case.
You should develop good verbal skills for speaking, debating and arguing a case to the best interest of the client.
You also need a lot of patience and confidence to pursue a career in law.

Armed with this knowledge and after deciding to pursue a career in law you should ask the career counselor or search on the internet for the best law schools and their criteria for admission to their programs and go through with the application process. Then you might have to pass an examination and based on the marks you will get admission into the law school. The programs in most law schools are Bachelor Degree in Law, a Master Degree in Law and the research work leading to a Doctoral Degree in Law. The competition for these courses is very high.

With a degree in Law, you can earn a comfortable living and the job is also very rewarding. The job opportunities comprise of:
1. Having your own business. You set up a consultancy firm. You can provide legal consultation to your clients.
2. You can have self practice. You can represent people in court. You can draft the legal document for the clients.
3. You can have a fulfilling teaching career in a law school.
4. You can work in a law firm. It can be a big firm or a small firm.
5. You can work with companies as their legal advisor.
6. You can also work with corporate bodies as their legal attorney.

With so many career opportunities, a career in law will definitely be a rewarding one. To get a good job, a candidate must market his skills and see that he gets the best job suited to his interests and abilities. It is no doubt a challenging career with a lot of opportunities for growth and being the best in the field.

So, see if you have the necessary skills for pursuing a career in law, get to know all the problems that need to be faced and see if you can handle it. Then with all the knowledge, decide if you want to pursue a career in law.

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