Green Living Tips

Dr. Purushothaman
January 6, 2014


Helping the environment is a great idea. I'm sure by now you've heard about 'going green' and have seen many eco-friendly products everywhere you go. But, if you're like me, you don't know how to start, so here are some easy and fairly inexpensive green living tips to get you started.
Going green basically comes down to 4 categories reduce, reuse, recycle and share.
Green Living Tip #1 - Reduce
You should first think about reducing what you use before you think about reusing and recycling. One way to do this would be when grilling corn on your barbeque; soak the whole ear of corn before putting it on the barbeque and you can skip the aluminum foil all together.
Green Living Tip #2 - Reuse
Reusable cloth shopping bags are a great way to reuse an item. You may not know that reusing shopping bags can actually save you money. Grocers have to pay for the plastic bags and add the cost of them to the groceries, by not using the bags; you may get some of that money back.
My family reuses plastic water bottles. After the bottles are empty, we wash them out and refill them with drinks that we can grab and take on the go. This way we not only reuse the bottle, but don't have to spend money buying a drink when we go out running around.
Green Living Tip #3 - Recycle
There are many items that can be recycled such as plastic, glass, paper, aluminum, cell phones, and printers. My favorite items to recycle were the aluminum cans and the plastic and glass bottles with a CRV on them. It was a project to do with my kids that they loved being involved with.
The more cans and bottles that were collected, the more of a refund we got, and once we got almost $20. Recycling the CRV items is the favorite of my green living tips, because although you can't see the good it does, you can see the money you get back. A fun way to get your children involved would be to have them collect cans and bottles for recycling. Many states have refunds on the cans and bottles and by them collecting the cans and bottles they can earn enough money every month to take the family to the movies! It's a great way to get them involved too!
Green Living Tip #4 Share your green living tips with family and friends
If everyone starts sharing their green living tips just think how many more families will be involved.
Living eco-friendly is a continuing process and a way of life. Not everybody makes the same choices in life, so not everybody's way of living eco-friendly will be the same. What matters is that everybody is doing their best to live as eco-friendly as they can.

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