Getting Started With A Child Behavior Modification Plan

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

As not brushing their teeth at night or something more complicated. Behavior problems can be caused by a number of things including laziness, emotional issues, and physical challenges like Attention Deficit. A child behavior modification plan can help parents effectively and efficiently work with their child to accomplish any new and desirable behavior.

For example, if your teen is talking back to you a behavior modification plan will work. If you want your toddler to go to bed without a struggle a behavior modification plan will work. And behavior modification plans dont just have to be about correcting a bad behavior.

You can use them to introduce a behavior you want your child to adopt. For example, you want your child to develop good study habits from the first day they start school. You can use behavior modification to instill those habits.

Lets take a look at the basic steps involved with any behavior modification plan:

Step One - Identify your childs behavior problem(s). If your child is exhibiting a behavior youd like to eliminate or avoid, identify what that behavior is. For example, for a teen it might be procrastinating on their homework. For a younger child perhaps you want them to go to bed without a struggle. Explore what triggers the bad behavior as well. This may help you outline consequences and rewards.

Step Two â€" Identify the behavior you want your child to learn. This may be the easiest step. Identify the behavior your want your child to learn and adopt. In the case of the teen procrastinating on their homework, you want your child to do their homework as soon as they receive the assignment. The habit you may want to instill is to have them come home and immediately get to work on their homework rather than waiting until nine o’clock at night. For the younger child you may want them to establish a bedtime routine, kiss you goodnight and fall fast asleep. No arguments about bedtime and no tears or struggles.

Step Three â€" Create a system of rewards and consequences. Whether you’re working with toddlers or teens this is a very important step and it doesn’t vary too much. The idea here is to be very specific about what you expect. The expectations and goals should be measurable so the consequences and rewards are easy to understand.

The rewards and consequences need to be clearly charted. The Total Transformation Program shows how this is accomplished. It also helps parents with the next critically important step.

Step Four â€" Introduce the program to your child and together set goals and a system of evaluating success. Because clear communication about what is expected is critical to success, consider creating a script of what you want to say to your child. The goal is for the behavior modification plan to be received positively.

Behavior modification plans work when parents are clear and consistent. It is said that behavior modification plans always work. When it doesn’t work it’s because there’s a hitch in the plan and the parent wasn’t consistent. If your child is exhibiting behaviors that you’d like to eliminate or you want to prevent potential behaviors, consider using a Child Behavior Modification Plan, it’s an effective way to help your children become the best people they can be.

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